Watch The Horrifying Spectacle Of Three Million Bats Going Night Hunting

Watch the Horrifying Spectacle of Three Million Bats Going Night Hunting

Video: Bats are fascinating creatures — both from the point of scientific research and their place in the canon of the horror genre as spooky creatures of the night. So whether you're a science person or a horror person, this shot of millions of bats streaming into the sky is either great, or great and fearsome. The spectacular footage comes from a recent YouTube video that shows millions of bats emerging from caves in the rainforest of Mulu National Park, in Borneo, Malaysia. Check out the full video below:

It's sort of like watching ribbons undulating in the wind, until you realise that the ribbons are actually made up of millions of hungry bats. Which, like I said, is both an amazing sight and one that might send a chill down your spine.

GIF by Andrew Liszewski


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