Watch The First Australian F-18 Super Hornet Get Built From Beginning To End

How a F-18 Super Hornet Gets Built from Beginning to End

Video: Each F/A-18 Super Hornet carries a sticker price of about 60 million dollars and requires a whole lot of work to put together. This fun time lapse video shows the entire building process of the first Australian F/A-18, and you can see where a lot of that money goes. To transform scraps of metal into a flying war machine will always be an impressive feat of engineering (and will always be cool to see).


    So we purchase our FIRST f 18s over 30 years a ago and this is news?
    Or are they F 18A's ? or SUPERHORNETS?
    once again the entire lack of anything any and crap headlines from gizomdo.
    How about, ' Look, out dated images of a plane being built' ?

      As the caption says, "...watching Boeing build an F/A-18 Super Hornet"

      Which would make this an F/A-18F - because two lounge chairs. Plus we've only purchased 'F' to date (Block II's), so that's a gimmie.

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    I think the F/A18 Super Hornet is an evolution from the original F/A18 which is just called a "Hornet"? Or so Wikipedia says.

      The F/A-18F (Tandem Super Hornet, being assembled - not 'built' - in the video) is to the F/A-18A/B as a VN Commodore would be to a VB. Same name, superficially similar, definitely not the same car. Put them on a track together for proof.

      That's a poor analogy, but, well, analogies.

      The intended role in the RAAF differs from the F/A-18A/B aircraft we bought too. Configured mainly for the role vacated by the venerable F-111C.

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