Watch: 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' As An Anime Opening Sequence

The music! The action! The editing with just enough cheesiness! Star Wars: The Force Awakens re-imagined as an anime is downright brilliant, and too good not to share. Would watch/10.


    That was very meh

      I agree. Makes the reworked ROTJ Ewok celebration tune seem like masterpiece.

    It is just a trailer recut, and doesn't really work at all.

    Yeah this really wasn't very good.

    Glad to see I'm not the only one underwhelmed, was really excited to see if someone had done an actual Anime of the opening sequence, not just thrown some "Anime-Ish" music over it.

    Ah.. benefit of reading comments before blindly clicking on 'Play'

    Its trying to mimic the Code Geass intro

    Not nearly enough unintelligible Japanese writing, dramatic poses, or strange symbolic artistic depictions of characters in situations that never actually occur in the show to qualify as an anime opening, sorry.

    I can't watch it it says this video is private.

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