Watch Parrot's New Disco Drone In Action

Video: Parrot's new fixed-wing Disco drone is one of the most fun little gadgets to have come out of this year's Consumer Electronics Show, and even ended up being my favourite product of CES 2016. Now Parrot's giving us a bit more of a look at how it flies -- and the kind of quality you can expect from that little camera on its nose. Watching this video, I can't help but imagine how much fun it would be to fly this in combination with the nifty little first-person-view glasses showcased in Parrot's announcement video. Look out for the cheeky little barrel roll at 0:42!


    How many Aus$ ?
    If I had to guess 600-700

      Parrot owns Sensefly and there is a lot of the Sensefly Ebee technology in that thing, if the proffesional Ebee cost $30k than this will be a few thousand I am sure.

      I hope the bigger motor and more advanced launch comes to the Ebee in the future.

        Sure its got some great tech (nothing ground breaking though), but essentially its just a motor, couple of servos, flight controller, camera and a big old battery.
        Meet ya back here in while to see who was closer ;)

    I never flown a wing before, but I kind of want to fly one, right now!

    When did they start calling RC planes "drones"?

      When they can fly themselves....

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