Watch A Knife Get Forged From A Steel Cable

Watch a Knife Get Forged from a Steel Cable

Video: With enough skill and patience, any sort of metal object can be heated up and forged into a weapon. It always make for such a glorious process too. For example in this video, a wonderfully threaded steel cable rope gets pounded and pounded until it resembles something that can be shaped into a knife. There is so much work in the transformation but the end result is totally worth it.


    Surprised he didn't etch it in the end. You get some lovely patterns in steel which has been forged from steel rope. Amused at him constantly grabbing the hot end when doing the weld by twisting (The easiest way to get the strands to not 'splay' when really getting serious with the weld.)

      Sounds like you know a bit about the process.

        I'm a hobbyist blacksmith. I've done a little work with twisted rope. The stuff I use is only about 10mm diameter however and is really only good for a pen-knife/folding knife.
        Admittedly, not been out to my forge in about 1 year. Maybe this year will be the year I clean it out and start again.

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