Watch A F-16 Take Off And Immediately Shoot Up 15,000 Feet In Seconds

Watch a F-16 Take Off and Immediately Shoot Up 4,572m in Seconds

Video: Wow, this is beyond incredible. Here's footage of an F-16 launching itself 15,000ft (4572m) into the air in less than 45 seconds. It's basically a vertical straight shot and you get to see how high -- the fighter jet looks like its suspended in air for a moment there -- the aeroplane goes and how small the rest of the world looks in what is essentially the aircraft's rear view. It gets so high that you half expect it to like, fall back to Earth. Murat ÖZPALA writes:

An absolute short film which takes only 45 seconds from brake release to 5m!...

Pure performance show of an F-16 BM Block 15 which belongs to 11 th Squadron "Arrows" - Pakistan Air Force, by TAI Test Pilot Murat KELEŞ (Pilot in Command) and Murat ÖZPALA ( Rear Seat Pilot)…


    The random disaster movie sound track ruined it for me. Otherwise I suppose it was pretty cool.

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