VLC Is Finally Available On Apple TV

VLC Is Finally Available on Apple TV

Now there shall be no more endless converting of your videos to make them more palatable to your Apple TV's desires. VLC, the software that famously supports a wide range of file formats, is now available on the new Apple TV.

VLC Is Finally Available on Apple TV

We've known that a VLC app was coming to Apple TV for a few months. But according to a post at VideoLAN, the VLC developer blog, the team has been testing an app since November, and it's now ready for prime time:

Our mission for VLC for the Apple TV was to fulfil our claim "plays it all" and we got close: it supports virtually all formats under the sun (like the iOS version of VLC). Before demonstrating VLC's advanced playback experience on the Apple TV, let's discuss about ways how to actually access content!

Hell yeah, let's talk about it! There's a full rundown at the developer site, but here are the highlights.

Content discovery

VLC Is Finally Available on Apple TV

You can easily access your files and search for whatever you want to watch using SMB, UPnP media server, FTP and PLEX protocols.

Remote playback

VLC Is Finally Available on Apple TV

This is probably the coolest thing: You can send your files directly from a browser or app right to your Apple TV, in a process known as "casting".

VLC Is Finally Available on Apple TV

Streams that have recently played on your other devices will show up here, too.

Playback controls

VLC Is Finally Available on Apple TV

Beyond that, you'll have plenty of ways to customise your viewing experience, including playback speed, chapter navigation and the ability to add subtitles through OpenSubtitles.org.

One thing that's not on the initial release: Cloud support. However, the developers are testing it now and you should be able to get files from places like Dropbox soon. And of course, it's only available for the latest generation of Apple TVs.

This all sounds almost too good to be true for Apple TV owners. We'll update as soon as we've tried it.

Read the whole post from VideoLAN.

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    If only they would enable 24P output for the AppleTV I'd grab one in a heartbeat.

    See I don't get this. The Apple TV is a device designed to play video. Why would you need an app that supports a wide range of video file formats, when the device should be able to do that out of the box?

      meant to be a streaming box, I just use plex, plays videos to anything all consoles chrome casts and phones pcs you name it

      Because there is millions of people who would not consider any other brand, that is why they can release an updated and expensive TV box that can't play x265 video, only has 10/100 LAN....but its got the right logo on it.
      I just wish WD would do a new WDTV, the only player that out of the box supports any video/audio format you can throw at it, well anything that existed when it was designed. Very few TV boxes support 7.1 TrueHD audio, the good ole WDTV does.

    This is quite interesting. As a KODI user that streams content across my network I wasn't considering buying the new Apple TV. With VLC able to stream content from network sources though, that's a game changer for the new Apple TV.

      Kodi is available now for the new Apple TV as well. Either sideloaded through XCode or a paid app (with limitations on addons and skins) on the app store called MrMC.

      I don't bother turning on my HTPC anymore. MrMC works perfectly fine, plus no more changing inputs when I want to watch Netflix or some other service. PVR works too as does central MySQL database.
      Now if only Apple would give devs an api for refresh rate switching it would be perfect.

        Cheers for the heads up regarding KODI. I just watched a video tutorial on side loading it. I'd definitely be interested in side loading KODI onto an Apple TV 4 now, however I recently bought a new Sony 4K TV that runs Android TV, and I have KODI installed natively on that, alongside other apps that I use such as YouTube and Netflix. As such no longer need for the Apple TV 4 anymore. That said, it would be nice to have the wireless AC of the ATV4, as my current ATV 3 lags when trying to airplay video to it.

    I have been using Infuse by Firecore for network playback, I like the fact that it gives me all the relevant metadata and is super easy to use seem to me to be a better option than this haven't come across a file in my library that it hasn't be able to play yet.

    Arrghhhh i have putting off buying the new Apple tv.... Maybe i will now.

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