Vive Pre-Orders To Open February 29

Briefly: The year of VR is here, and HTC's just confirmed that pre-orders for its Vive VR headset will open on leap day -- 29 February 2016. We got hands on with HTC's more refined headset at CES last week, and the Vive looks to be a top VR contender thanks in part to its partnership with Valve. The headset will still ship sometime in April. [Telegraph]


    No price announced? Why would you hold that back unless you were afraid of the reaction ala oculus?


      Pre-orders are over a month away, wouldn't be surprised if they didn't have a firm price.

        I would be! We're not talking about a start-up here, these guys know exactly how much this costs, and their marketing and finance departments knows how much to charge.

      Still a dev kit as well, one would assume it won't get as much traction as Oculus retail.

      Probably waiting to see what Oculus will do. If they announce a price and then Oculus try to undercut or do something with their price? Well that could hurt their sales. This is now in the hands of marketing.
      I'll guess that it will be cheaper than the oculus but only marginally so.

        I doubt it will be cheaper than the Oculus purely based on the fact that the touch controllers come with it on launch.

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