Usain Bolt Is The New Face Of Optus

He goes fast, Optus' network goes fast...get it? In an Australian first, Olympian Usain Bolt has struck a deal with a local brand. He is to appear in documentary-style Optus advertising across TV, digital and retail with the wider theme of "Relentless Improvement".

Ben White, Acting Managing Director of Products and Devices at Optus, said, "It’s no secret that Usain Bolt competes to win. His hard work, fierce determination and unwavering commitment are exuded every time he hits the track.

"He is relentless in his pursuit for excellence and it seems only fitting that we would engage with arguably one of the greatest and most renowned athletes in the world today."

Optus draws a comparison between Bolt and the telco, stating "Relentless Improvement" is not only a philosophy Bolt has embraced in rising to the top of his game, it is also "the same approach that Optus has employed in its network to bring an ever better experience to customers."

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