Trump Says He Will Force Apple To Manufacture In The US Even Though That Makes Absolutely No Sense

Trump Says He Will Force Apple to Manufacture in the US Even Though That Makes Absolutely No Sense

US GOP presidential candidate and angry sweet potato Donald Trump claims he'll be able to change Apple's entire manufacturing system if he is elected president. I'll give Trump this: He's great at shouting impossible nonsense. Trump's remarks on outsourcing at Liberty University today were especially bizarre and unanchored to reality.

First, in the span of a few sentences, he insisted that he'd impose a 35 per cent tax on businesses producing goods overseas while claiming to support free trade. At the end of his rambling speech, he said this:

"We're going to get Apple to build their damn computers in this country instead of other countries."

An all-American Apple sure sounds nice -- it would help ensure that the factory workers have decent working conditions. It's also an empty applause line. The US president does not have the power to ban a company from outsourcing, nor does the president have the power to completely overhaul the global economy.

Sure, Trump could advocate for legislation designed to prevent outsourcing. But he would have to champion laws that would fundamentally alter free trade to make it financially advantageous for Apple to upend its manufacturing and supply chain.

Apple outsources because it maximizes profit, but that is not the only reason. Asia's electronics supply chains are much larger than what the US has to offer. Not only would Trump have to come up with a way to penalise Apple for outsourcing so harshly that it'd make sense to change its manufacturing model -- he'd also have to help US manufacturing catch up to China so that Apple could feasibly begin production here.

The weirdest part about all of this isn't that Trump is making outlandish promises. That's routine for the Trump campaign. The weird thing is that Trump is selling himself as a capitalist icon, yet here he is making speeches that suggest he will take a steaming piss on free trade.

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    He's probably the angriest sweet potato I've ever seen.

      A rotting pumpkin you mean. The presidential race has dropped so low this year with the utter jokes that are running the only choice is become the laughing stock of the world or vote for Hillary.

        Yeah, but this is the nation that re-elected Bush Junior.
        All you need is FOX and one or two Super-PACs to get together the right amount of funds and you can buy any election.

        Sanders has been taking a steady slice of the pie since mid-November, he's got around 39% support for the Democratic nomination and should give Clinton a good run for her money. I'd certainly prefer to see the election contested as Trump v Sanders than Trump v Clinton.

        Yeah Trump stinks, what idiot would ever want manufacturing to be local? Oh, that's right anybody who wants to keep their nation. What idiot wants borders, all those women in Cologne just found their soulmates.

          Always the crazy ones come out of the woodwork eventually. :(

      I never knew sweet potatoes were capable of emotion...or sentient.

        The ones in my fridge get angry when I dont turn off the light.

          Dude don't store potatoes in the fridge! Keep them at room temperature away from light.

            Dude, it was a joke. Was replying to potatoes not having emotions or sentience.

              But the potatoes are probably angry because of the fridge too. I know I get angry when someone locks me in a fridge :)

      It's not fair saying that about Trump. A sweet potato could run the U.S. far better than Trump...

    When he goes on stage and people cheer, do they have I'm a believer playing in the background as the various claims he makes are only true in fairy tales.

      When Trump started, almost every single person dismissed him out of arrogance. He has been steadily rising in polls ever since, and those infuriated leftists just cant understand it! :)

      When will you people learn that Americans are stick of the status quo? Trump is practically the messiah to many people, even if those people don't really like him - to them he is better then Obama, and better then the other candidates by miles.

      You cant stump the Trump.

        Can't tell if troll or serious.....

    i seem to get the feeling that trump is trying to get himself out of the race by making more and more ridiculous claims and policy thinking that someone with some sense will catch up to it and get him out. But the general public is not fooled by such simple tactics.

      Yeah. He's never wanted to be President and I don't think he does this time either. He knows that even good Presidents leave the modern White House looking terrible, 30 years older and copping flak for mistakes made three administrations ago. The election has always been a publicity platform for him. Normally he'd quit, but this time he seems to have accidentally built himself up enough support that the only way he can get out without admitting he's full of crap and is only running to promote himself as a brand is to get kicked out. That way he can put the blame on someone else, not actually have to follow through on anything and release a book someone else wrote about the whole thing.

        I'm hoping he'll cling on there long enough until it reaches the point that the only dignified way out is to arrange his own assassination.

          Personally I'm hoping he loudly and messily craps his pants during a debate and is never taken seriously by anyone ever again.

    He's the kind of idiot who thinks that money can buy anything, no matter how impractical or implausible.

    Giant wall to keep out teh Mexicans? Eh just chuck some cash at it. Apple making stuff outside of teh United States of teh Americas? Eh just chuck some cash at it. Muslims trying to live normal lives in the US because they're normal people? Eh just chuck some cash at things that aren't them.

      Except, in true Trump fashion, he expects to make other people pay for it while he takes the credit, using the power of shouting and magic.

        And primal powaaah!

    Pretty sure he knows damn well that the US elections are a farce and that he doesn't need to actually provide realistic goals, merely make fairy-tale promises. His opponents aren't much better either, nor has the elections been particularly great in the last few decades for either parties. They all just prey on the voters' prejudices to get voted in and then deal with what's next, rather than actually make a show as to why they should actually be voted in.

      It doesn't have to actually be achieved or even achievable... it just has to sound good enough to get in.

      Politics, as played fucking everywhere in the world.

    I'm really hoping that Trump wins and turns out to be the worlds most amazing troll. He gets up to do his speech after the election announcement and just gives everyone a cold, hard, silent stare, "Seriously? You idiots voted me in?! did you not listen to the stupid things I've been saying for months?!?!" then gets on an Aircraft and renounces his US Citizenship out of disgust.... that would be the most amazing thing ever, not to mention an eye opener for the US!

    Of course the real cherry on top of the cake would be the revealing of a fleet of Spaceships he has been secretly constructing which he then gets on with a bunch of the worlds best and brightest and completely leaves Earth as he figured it's doomed and was really the only proper way to display his disgust at any Human Being voting for him.

    Where is Trump's line of clothing made again?

    Last edited 19/01/16 1:06 pm

    The fact this this moron is even a candidate is evident of the problems with US democracy and for that matter the western worlds. Seriously where is the competition, creative thinking and intelligence?

    When has Trump said anything logical?

      The Kentucky same-sex marriage controversy. Kim Davis, a public clerk in Kentucky, refused to issue marriage licences to gay couples even though it was legal in the state. She was jailed and elements of the fundamentalist Christian community upheld her as a martyr until she was released. She was allowed to return to her job and vowed to continue refusing to issue marriage licences to gay couples.

      Trump is one of the only Republican candidates who (initially at least) said she should have been fired for refusing to do her job.

      Keep in mind, Trump is eccentric but he's not stupid. He has a fair bit of experience with the mechanisms behind reality television and the way viewers can be manipulated. He knows what he's doing, and as absurd as it seems to people like us, it's working.

        I guess it's fair for him to say that'll ban all Muslims from entering the US if he wins;

        C'mon... How is that logical, pratical and just?

        He might have some ideas, but making these sorts of outlandish/bold statements to win over people is just ludicrous.

        BTW: I'm not Muslim, but clearly see how such comments would offend and simply damage his chances of succeeding.

        Last edited 19/01/16 5:22 pm

          Come on now. You can't judge someone's entire logic on the basis of selective actions. Some apparently illogical actions don't render all his actions objectively illogical.

          I'm not advocating Trump and I absolutely don't support him. I think Sanders is the best option. I'm saying that trivial reductionism is why so many people don't understand why he's as popular as he is. It's easy to dismiss Trump as a reckless lunatic, but it's not an accurate reflection of what's actually going on. His moves aren't random, haphazard and ill-planned, they're calculated and they're having the desired effect.

    And yet he'd still be a hundred times better than that liar Hillary.

    Rudd, Gillard, Abbott, Turnbull and you are pointing fingers at Trump?

      Trump makes all of those other people you named look like Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill rolled into one.

    a couple things here: Firstly as impractical as this may sound, to the average American voter that does not know anything about global economics this sounds like a great idea and it is statements like this that have him on top of the polls. The second thing I have to mention here is the irony of the fact that Trump owns interests in a number of different companies that produce there goods outside of the United States.

    In all honesty, I think Trump is the scariest thing I've seen in a long time. We have China preparing for war, building air bases in the South China sea and spending all their money on Jets and Tanks making their economy slump. Then we have the Soviets practicing the invasion of Europe for the last 10 years, creating conflict to cover it and are now moving into Syria, effectively facing Europe on 2 fronts. They will be able to quickly push reinforcements to Syria via Georgia > Armenia, pushing into Turkey, cutting Europe off from the Oil reserves in the middle East. They practiced this invasion path in August 2008 when they invaded Georgia. They now know how NATO will respond, which units will respond and where they will come from. They now have a foothold in Ukraine with weapons caches and soldiers already in the country. This is a very scary situation.

    i have absolutely no faith in American politics and most its people, the fact that warmonger's like this man can even make it to voting proves they're a failed society with dreams of grandur, limited education and no understanding of world economics or its people's. I hope Canada have started building a wall to keep you neanderthals out, your mentality is a danger to the world.

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