This Watch That Projects Movies Is Just Plain Crazy

This Watch That Projects Movies Is Just Plain Crazy

The best part about living in 2016? The increasingly wearable gadgets that make you feel more and more like James Bond -- for better or worse. Take this new smartwatch that lets you watch movies or your latest video communiqué from MI6, projected onto a nearby wall. It's called the ASU Cast One. First, it's a smartwatch running a version of Android Lollipop. Second, it's a freakin' movie projector. What?! The company says it projects up to 2m in distance and the screen expands to 60". ASU says it rivals home theatre projectors with its 720P resolution, though the wearable's 700mAh battery won't last very long.

This Watch That Projects Movies Is Just Plain Crazy

It's made by the Chinese startup ASU, who say that Airplay, DLNA, and Miracast are all available on the watch, so you can share content to different devices, like a TV or speakers.

It's preeeeetty unlikely that a watch would make a good movie projector, however. Furthermore, home projectors are still an increasingly exciting little market, and you can get one that's only a little more expensive than this watch, but get a way bigger and surely sharper picture.

Still, it looks crazy. The watch should launch in China in March and June in the US for $US300 ($418). Hopefully it will also make its way to Australia. Just don't shine your latest Netflix favourite in anybody's eye.

Images courtesy ASU

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    Hey man, can you just hold this watch perfectly still in air while we watch some video for 15 minutes before the device dies?

    Nice idea, but it's practicality is 0. Can't believe it actually made it to production.

      Absolutely. Now a laptop with a built-in projector - that would be useful.

        Lenovo has a tablet with projector in it, I just played with it, its pretty funky :D

      I can see the novelty and some uses but not as a daily driver.
      When I saw it, it reminded me of the samsung galaxy beam, NFI how it got to release a beam 2

    funded by your local Nigerian Prince
    not sure about everyone else, but I know a con when I see one

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