This Spinning Cake Recreates Super Mario Bros. Perfectly

This spinning cake recreates Super Mario Bros. perfectly

Video: I think overly decorative cakes are silly -- like cool, here's a cake that looks like the Great Barrier Reef, enjoy your edible starfish -- but this Super Mario Bros. cake is wonderful because it recreates the entire first level of the video game in perfect, delicious detail. It's a stop motion animation in cake form. Every video game should come with a cake tossed in.

You can have your cake and eat it too.


    A spinning tower platformer is not Mario. The cake maker should go old skool and make a Nebulus cake. :)

    This Spinning Cake Recreates Super Mario Bros. Perfectly
    In no Mario (Pre N64) was there a spinning tower,
    This is not a perfect re-creation of Super Mario Bros.
    Your title is flawed.
    Why do you guys keep doing this? The Cake is already fantastic, the Stop motion Icing decoration is great, why use disingenuous titles?

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