This Amphibious Lamborghini Is The Official Mascot Of El Niño

The record-breaking El Niño-fuelled storms that swept through California the past few days brought never-before-seen phenomena to our doors: Floating garbage bins, tornado warnings, more floating garbage bins. But none of these were more symbolic of the struggle with wicked weather pattern than this Lamborghini that dared to drive where SUVs would not tread.

Watch as Lambo approaches the San Diego intersection, which is clearly flooded. A bit of stormwater splashes up onto the hood — then a lot of stormwater rolls towards the car, submerging Lambo to the top of its wheel wells. The car appears to hydroplane a bit as it loses contact with the road. Still, Lambo presses on, even as a wave of chocolate milk runoff swamps the hood and washes ALL THE WAY ONTO THE WINDSHIELD.

But because Lambo is so goddamn ballsy — or maybe because it can’t stop due to the fact that this vehicle is now a boat — it changes lanes. Lambo brazenly ventures to a place where the road-lake is even deeper.

Lambo is now drowning in its own hubris. Does Lambo turn back? Does Lambo retreat in fear?

NOPE, Lambo says. SCREW IT.

The light turns green, and Lambo speeds into the night, trailing behind it a wake of oil-slicked floodwaters and our eternal admiration.

If you’re worried about this car suffering complete electrical failure in the next block, Jalopnik notes that Lamborghinis are actually quite resilient.

As is California, in the face of climatological adversity.