They Somehow Squeezed A Streaming Camera Into This Tiny RC Drone

They Somehow Squeezed a Live-Streaming Camera Into This Impossibly Tiny RC Drone

The Axis Aerius is considered to be the smallest RC quadcopter you can buy, even smaller than the company's new Vidius drone. But that's because Axis has managed to fit a live-streaming Wi-Fi video camera inside the new Vidius, giving pilots a first-person view of their flights.

They Somehow Squeezed a Live-Streaming Camera Into This Impossibly Tiny RC Drone

At just 3cm in size, the Vidius quadcopter is still incredibly small, especially sitting next to the smartphone that it can send a live 420p video stream to over a direct Wi-Fi connection. It comes with a 2.4GHz four-channel controller allowing you to pilot the drone up to distances of 30m, but you can also use a free accompanying app if you're more comfortable with touchscreen controls.

They Somehow Squeezed a Live-Streaming Camera Into This Impossibly Tiny RC Drone

Flight time for the Vidius is rated around five to seven minutes on a 20-minute charge, but that will vary based on how aggressively you're flying, and whether or not you're streaming live video from it. Gyro stabilisation helps keep the Vidius level in flight and easy to control, but because it's so small even the tiniest of breezes will send it careening out of control, so you might want to limit its flight plans to indoor sorties.

The Vidius won't officially be available until the end of January of next year, at which point it will sell for $US95 ($130). But if you pre-order one now, you can save $US20 ($27) and get it for just $US75 ($103). What Axis has managed to engineer here is nothing short of amazing, but the best feature might be that you don't have to worry about registering the Vidius with the FAA before you grab the controls. [Axis]



    January 2017? Or was this story written before the end of 2015 and just posted a little late?

    If you want to experience flying such a tiny thing you can get the Nanoquad from Kmart right now for $25. It hasn't got a camera but I believe it is a similar model (and controller) to this Vidius model.
    I got one just as a laugh. Now I can't stop flying it because it is extremely zippy. And true it is better to fly indoors or in no-wind outdoor conditions. It also flips automatically at a push of a button. Flight time 12 min tops on full charge.

    Or you could just get the Cheerson CX-10W that they seem to be ripping off/rebadging.

    Or this one which you can already buy for half the price.

    The Aerius they're selling is a rebadged DHD D1, and the others seem to be other models of the CX-10, with or without prop guards.

    I think it's funny that they're saying "Don't buy copies" when they're clearly the ones doing the copying.

    Last edited 02/01/16 11:51 pm

    Yup, says 29th January 2016.

    That said, I have a similar drone (without the video camera) which you can get for about 20-25 AUD. They're a lot of fun, if a little hard to control (that controller is exactly the same, and isn't exactly an ergonomic marvel, nor particularly fine in terms of it's analogue joysticks, but it's still great fun to fly around, even outside.

    Not sure why this article, on an Australian site, is mentioning the FAA?
    The CASA doesn't require model aircraft to be registered, and I doubt anyone's going to be using this commercially as an RPAS ;-)

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