There's A Pop-Up In-N-Out Burger Store In Sydney Today

We love a good burger, and we've been around the world to sample this delectable treat. One of our favourites comes from renowned US-based burger joint In-N-Out Burger and, much to our delight, it is opening up a pop-up store in Sydney's Surry Hills today. Here are the details.

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If you've never experienced In-N-Out Burger and if you're going to be near the Sydney CBD area at around lunch time today, you can head over to Dead Ringer restaurant where the burger joint is opening a pop-up store today. You'll find out first hand why everybody who has been to the US and has eaten at In-N-Out Burger goes gaga over it. (We did a review of the food there late last year)

This isn't the first time In-N-Out has teased us with a pop-up store. They've previously appeared in various Sydney eateries including Mixology Lounge, Barrio Chino and Love, Tilly Devine. Still no word on when they will open a shop permanently in Australia. Eternal Sadness.

Dead Ringer is located at 413 Bourke Street, Surry Hills in Sydney.

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    I want to go, but i also dont want to wait 2 hours for a burger

      i also want to go but dont want to travel 10 hours to wait 2 hours for a burger. :(

    I've had In-N-Out a few times and, frankly, I don't get what the fuss is about. Yes, they are good burgers but no better than Wendy's (US), Carl's Jr or even a humble Whopper. They have a very limited menu, too. Give me a Fatburger any day!!!

      Because you can taste the exclusivity. Pretty sure this is the main thing going for it.

      And Carl's Jr is opening next month at Bateau Bay.

      You didn't eat off the Secret Menu then did you?

      I didn't get it either. Just seemed like a fresh burger. Then, two years later I went with my wife during a holiday in LA. She was the one who told me you actually have to know how it order i.e. animal style and secret menu. Holy Shit, it was on another level.

      Much better than Wendys. And Carl's is garbage. But, I agree 100% that a double fat cheese always wins the day!

    .....and Pizza Hut,is open NOW!

    Yep I got there around 5 past 12 and they sold out all their spots for burgers.

    They cut the line at 10:45am due to length, burgers served at Midday.

    THE insanely popular In-N-Out Burger pop-up in Sydney today sold out of burgers half an hour before the store even opene

    why would you bother? its not like a good burger is hard to find.

    Hell Maccas selections menu is alright in a pinch, and you only have to wait 10min or so

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