This Chrome Extension Lets You Watch Netflix At The Same Time As Your Friends

Have you ever wanted to watch Netflix with someone in another city, or even another country? You totally can with Netflix Party. Excuse me while I prepare to socialise from my couch forever more.

This post was originally published at 3PM on January 14.

Netflix Party is a Chrome extension that synchronises video playback, and has a real time chat function. If all this sounds vaguely familiar that's for a very good reason — you used to be able to do this on Xbox.

While tried and tested within the same region, it is unclear if Netflix Party will work with Netflix accounts from two different regions (ie watching from Australia with someone in the UK). The developer says there is no reason why it shouldn't, but just in case — it's worth remembering that using a VPN so that both parties are accessing the same region works fine (Ed: not any more!).

If you want to know more about how it was made, check out the creator's blog.

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