The Samsung TabPro S Is A 12-Inch Windows Tablet, With Built-In 4G

Microsoft's success with the Surface has inspired many of its competitors to create similar devices with their own specialised features. Samsung is a smartphone company first and foremost, so it makes sense that it would bring a 4G-enabled variant of its new TabPro S Windows tablet to Australia.

The TabPro S is a 12-inch Windows tablet, built around a 2160x1440pixel Super AMOLED display -- the first for a Windows device. Being a tablet, it's quite thin and easily portable when out of its bundled keyboard case -- measuring in at 290x199x6.3mm and 696g. The bezels on the TabPro S are thick enough to bear holding, but aren't thick enough to be unsightly. A single USB Type-C port handles charging and I/O alike.

That keyboard case isn't wireless, though; it actually connects to the TabPro S with a set of contacts on the tablet's base, which clip in magnetically and serve as part of the convertible's stand. The tablet's screen is 10-point multi-touch, and supports digitiser pen input as well. Despite being a super-thin design, the keyboard is surprisingly easy to type on for extended periods.

Running Windows 10 Home or Pro, the TabPro S is powered by a low-voltage Intel Core m3-6Y30 CPUs and 4GB of RAM, although the size of its internal rechargeable battery is still a mystery; Samsung says it'll reach 10 and a half hours of battery life. There's no Windows Hello face recognition sign-in, unfortunately -- one of the Surface's killer features.

A 128GB SSD is the only internal storage option available, but it's the built-in networking that makes the TabPro S stand out from the crowd. A built-in LTE Category 6 modem means you'll be able to use the TabPro S away from home or office Wi-Fi without a hassle -- and then share that connection with your mobile or other net-friendly devices. Samsung is launching the TabPro S in Australia later this year, although pricing is still to be confirmed.

Campbell Simpson travelled to CES 2016 as a guest of Samsung.



    I'm glad this does not have the hello killer feature of the surface... In my experience of it so far it is indeed a killer feature... A battery killing feature! (That's best Best disabled at birth)

      I love Windows Hello *so* much. But it is just so inconvenient when it wakes my Surface Book *while it's closed* and kills the battery. I hope it's fixed soon.

    This is a hot product. The iPad pro is just too expensive for what it offers, I already have an iPad Air but this is a different beast.

    Two questions: Any chance it will support Band 28 / 700mhz 4G in Australia and also is there any way currently to install Android either as a dual boot or over the top of Windows 10 even if it is not officially supported by Samsung?

    Hello, is there an update for the release date at all? Also, will it come with a stylus? Thanks for any help you can provide.

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