The Next Wave Of Star Wars Toys Is All About Rey

The Next Wave of Star Wars Toys is All About Rey

The way toy manufacturing works, it's likely Hasbro had always intended that the first post-release Force Awakens toys would include more merchandise that highlights Rey. But after facing mass backlash at her perceived absence, you can be sure as hell they're going to let you know she's included. Just a small reminder: If you've not seen The Force Awakens yet, some of these will reveal some major plot points from the film. You've been warned!

A new batch of products due to roll into stores this month have been revealed by Entertainment Weekly, and while it's not all Rey-focused, she is heavily present, and a great deal of that presence is being made by Hasbro in the light of the recent social media "#WheresRey" campaign decrying the lack of Rey on toy shelves in the run up to the movie. Rey probably would have been a major part of this wave regardless, held back to avoid accidentally revealing that she sets off on the path to become a Jedi at the end of the film, but Hasbro are definitely making a push to let people know she's part of these new toys.

The Next Wave of Star Wars Toys is All About Rey

Rey features in almost half of the toys revealed by EW -- although several, like the Disney Store exclusive "Elite" figurine or the Lego Constraction figure, are already available -- but several are new, including a new Nerf blaster based on the pistol Han Solo gives Rey in the movie, a 9.5cm figure of Rey in her "Resistance" outfit wielding the blue lightsaber formerly owned by Luke and Anakin Skywalker, and versions of her in the 50cm, 30cm, and cartoony "Galactic Heroes" figure lines.

The Next Wave of Star Wars Toys is All About Rey

Although Rey is the star of the new toys, she's not the only character getting new figures -- other toys out this month include two new Lego sets based on the film's middle setpiece of the First Order's attack on Maz Kanata's castle, figures of Finn in his stormtrooper armour (complete with bloodied helmet), and the Black Series 15cm Han Solo figure first revealed at New York Comic-Con last year.

If you thought your wallet was safe, Star Wars fans, then you were wrong, this is merely the beginning. You can see more images of the new toys at the link below.

[Entertainment Weekly]

Image credits: Star Wars: The Force Awaken toys from Hasbro/Disney, via Entertainment Weekly

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    I wish the PC police would stand back and take a deep breath before losing it on the internet:
    1 - releasing a larger number of Rey toys in the first wave (before the movie was released) would have spoiled a number of plot points.
    2 - these companies know there target audience and what kind of toys they like playing with so this is just a company who is in the business of making money trying to do it in the most efficient way, not some big statement on gender equality.

      You're absolutely right. These toys would have been in design and production for tooling and molds well in advance. The only reason Rey wasn't present in the original wave was to avoid spoilers. The film hasn't even been out for a month, they certainly didn't knock these out after a backlash less than a month old.

        I call B*S*, they could have released a Ray without a lightsaber (especially on the packaging) and then made even more coin releasing this version later.

          Call away. She had a figure in the initial line up. The article even has a link to the 10 or so different versions of her available prior to this. She does have a non lightsaber toy, several actually. She was never under represented and this second wave has nothing to do with responding to criticism. It's just a staggered release schedule.

    OR, they could have held off the release of all merch to do with ANY of the new characters until AFTER the release of the movie. There are no cool tshirts feat Rey, just one horrid women's *nightie* with ghastly pink and purple splotches.... but gazillions of stormtrooper and wookie shirts you'd actually consider wearing out as a woman. Reality is, you invest in what you respect - females as interesting and strong leads? (Even in the trailers, Rey hardly was given the same presence as she had in the movie... Same with the recent Mad Max Fury Road - the movie had almost nothing to do with Max, but you wouldn't think it from the trailers) How about respecting women as social investors and powerful consumers? Nope. Hasbro and Disney need to leave the dark ages of treating women as inferior to men. 'nuf said. #growup

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