The Six Best Cinemas To Watch Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' In Australia

Ahead of its broad release next week, Quentin Tarantino's western The Hateful Eight hits a select cinemas around the country today -- because not all cinemas are equal when it comes to the quality of the projection. There are a precious few picture theatres in Australia that still run 70mm film projectors, an aging film standard with four times the frame size -- and loads more detail -- of classic 35mm film stock and even the best cinema-grade 4K sensors.

This is how you see The Hateful Eight early. And you owe it to yourself to see this movie -- or any other -- in the beautiful, but dying, 70mm format.

70mm film is a massive, positive-process stock measuring around 70mm wide by 51mm tall (3570mm2), more than four times the size of 35mm film's 36x24mm (864mm2) negative surface area. This massive increase in surface size means that films shot and displayed in the 65mm/70mm format need less magnification to be displayed on cinema-size screen, translating into a huge increase in image quality and the quality of colours, shades and shadows displayed. In recent years, high quality 4K projectors have closed the gap in quality somewhat, but there's no making up for 70mm's end-to-end size advantage.

70mm film is not easy to do. It's incredibly costly and time-intensive to produce a film in the format, which is one of many reasons it is slowly dying off in movie studios and cinemas around the world. The Ultra-Panavision format hasn't been used for a single cinema production since Khartoum in 1966; that means The Hateful Eight is the first feature motion picture in 50 years to use this equipment. There are actually upwards of two dozen 70mm projectors around Australia, but many have fallen out of service.

The Hateful Eight is just better in 70mm. There's an extra six minutes of exclusive footage in the cinematic film cut -- as well as a 12-minute intermission where the film reels have to be changed. Just like the old days! The 70mm projection has meant major issues for the film, with out-of-practice projectionists struggling with film placement and focus in early screenings. They've found their feet now, and this isn't a problem that digital projection has, but trust me: once you see a 70mm film, you'll understand how it's different, and why it's better.

In Melbourne, the Astor Theatre in St Kilda bills itself as the only cinema regularly showing 70mm film, and has a one-week run of The Hateful Eight on 70mm stock from today until the 21st of January, with four sessions daily -- tickets are $25. (It also has a beautiful Barco 4K digital cinema projector running into the hundreds of thousands of dollars, which it'll be using once the 70mm run comes to a close.) The Village Rivoli in Hawthorn East has three or four sessions daily for the week, as does the Sun Theatre in Yarraville.

In Sydney, the The Hayden Orpheum Picture Palace in Mosman is one of the few places to see The Hateful Eight -- it's running three sessions a day from Friday until Wednesday 20th January inclusive, with $25 tickets. Also in Sydney, Event Cinemas George Street has a one-week run of the film with four sessions daily, as does the Ritz Cinema at Randwick.

If you're anywhere else around the country, sorry -- better book yourself a plane ticket. You can see an interactive map of 70mm projection locations around Australia (and the rest of the world) below. [The Hateful Eight]

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    Got my tickets for Sydney this weekend. Super excited.

    The home cinema. ;)

      Hey, man, if you want to pirate it and watch it on a (comparatively) tiny screen, be my guest!

        But t least i can enjoy my own snacks without re-mortgaging the house, sitting next to some complete stranger who either has bad BO or is constantly coughing, talking or on their phone. Lastly i can pause the movie for a pee break at any time.

        Kinda makes the small screen worth it.

        Anyways, i am being sarcastic.

        Last edited 14/01/16 11:34 am

          You can take your own food into cinemas...

            At George St Event cinemas I remember my friends got stopped for trying to bring in the pearl drinks they bought from the place within the entrance

              I just checked and it looks like I'm wrong and at Event cinemas (at least) still enforce that one (bastards!). Although you can throw things in a bag I guess. I go to the Mt Vic flicks up here in the Blue Mountains and have never had an issue with bringing my own snacks and drinks (although their chock tops are fantastic) — go the independents!

              Last edited 14/01/16 12:12 pm

                Just say you are diabetic and you need to have precise sugar/calorie whatever labels on everything you drink. The slushies/sodas they sell have varying amounts depending on how much is left in the goo tank or something. Just make it sound reasonable. Make noise about social media and the local paper if they pause too much.

              just put things in a bag. i take food, my vape and beer.

                LOL your vape.

                I recall one idiot brought KFC into the cinema, stank the whole place out.

            We sometimes put a bottle of red wine and a couple glasses in the misses purse to enjoy a relaxing cinema experience. Just put your food in a bag.

          $25 to remortgage your house? i feel sorry for you.

        My last standard movie experience - Two tickets, two bottles of water, on medium popcorn.....6$70ish dollars. I know what I would

        I did exactly that, and it was AWESOME! It's a great movie, 3 hours of dialogue with very little action, just lots of smart arse typical tarantino styled conversations. Kurt Russell is the man in this movie.

        If I didn't live 1600kms north of Perth, a two hour flight from the nearest cinema that plays any new release movies on the day they're released nationally, I'd happily pay for every movie I watched. The local "cinema" is playing Star Wars - The Force Awakens on 6th Feb, this was the one instance where I actually did fly my ass down to Perth to watch a movie 3 times in a row on NYE (fair enough, there was some serious partying to be had as well).

        When I finally leave this part of the country for greener pastures (Brisbane or Perth) i'll definitely attend the big screen a lot.

          aaahhhhh...... Life in the Pilbara.

            Yeah. Annoyingly enough Star Wars screened in Pannawonica two nights ago and Karratha waits another few weeks!

    Was seriously close to flying to Sydney from Brisbane for this, but couldn't really justify the $500 return trip, plus overnight accommodation for the wife and I. Bummed, that it's only showing in two cities :-(

      Oh man, I wish it was on for a bit longer, I can't get to Sydney til the end of Jan.

        Same, I might have considered this if there was an extra week or 2.

      Dammit, I was really hoping this would be playing in Brisbane too. Such as shame that we don't get the opportunity to see it in it's full glory :(

    I saw a re-release of Lawrence of Arabia about 20 years ago in magnificent 70mm at the Village Entertainment Centre in Sydney (sorry, I had to say that) It was sublime (at intermission we went out and bought Chock Tops!).

    I'm now no where near one of those beautiful projectors and shall wait for 8K content to become available before watching the Hateful Eight or any 70mm/8K movie really.

      Great movie - i'm going to put that on my Watch Again list!

    Please rename title to

    the-best-cinemas-to-watch-tarantinos-the-hateful-eight-in-Melbourne and Sydney

    Thanks for leaving the rest of us out :(

      Say thanks to the cinemas and distributors that don't have 70mm installed anywhere else. It'll be showing in broader release from the 21st onwards :)

        With that logic you may as well have said the "Best in the Southern Hemisphere." The reality of the situation is that @Paaj is correct in saying that.

        Serious question, whats the diff between 70mm and standard digital theatres?

          70 mm negatives approach 8K digital cinema quality. However, since the film grains are randomly distributed, each copy in the chain from negative to final print loses detail (unlike digital where it can be perfect). So the final prints are probably on par with 4K digital projection.

          Then you've got the fact that film prints are expensive, so they get shipped from one cinema to the next (which is the reason why international releases were often staggered). So if the print received any damage at any of the previous cinemas, you can potentially see that at the Australian screenings.

          There might have been a time when 70 mm was clearly better, but we're going to pass that soon (if we haven't already).

        we got 70mm in Perth Imax (carousel).. whats their excuse?! :(

          I think the Perth screen is Digital IMAX, which is a 35mm DLP panel. Sydney's is 70mm, but IMAX 70mm isn't Panavision 70, at least I think so.

    I thought The Master was shot and released on 70mm too? (the Paul Thomas Anderson film). I only ever got to see a digital projection of that though.

    Anyway, looking forward to this.

      It was. It's just been a really long time since a movie was shot in Ultra Panavision (65/70mm anamorphic). The lenses go back to Ben Hur and are almost as mythical as the Zeiss f0.7.

      Yeah, it was shot on 70, but Super Panavision 70 rather than Ultra -- IIRC, at least.

      I've seen a bunch of 70mm projections, like Baraka and Samsara, at the Astor, but nothing in Sydney. Going to see Hateful Eight at the Orpheum next Tuesday though :)

    For the Astor Theatre in St Kilda you can get a Movie Club card for $19. You get $5 off the ticket price for you and a guest so going a few times gets your money back.

    The 70mm version has had a lot of sound issues and out of focus projection because no one knows how to use a film projector anymore.

      Yes, I read that in the article too...

    Saw it overseas. Big fan of tarantino movies however I found it to be pretty tedious.

    Why wouldn't I pirate it and watch it at home?
    Your obviously a MORON when you referred to the best places to view this film in AUSTRALIA and listed Sydney and Melbourne....because that is ALL of Australia.
    Another tabloid slogan from jizmodo yet again.

      Mate. These are the six places that are showing it in 70mm. Read more please.

      “Another tabloid slogan”
      First up it's a heading, not a slogan. Further to that you really need to brush up on what Tabloid journalism really is — perhaps the Daily Mail would be more suited to your level of comprehension and enjoyment?

      Finally it's YOU'RE NOT YOUR!
      Although putting it in the same sentence as “moron” is rather poetic, don't you think?

      Last edited 14/01/16 1:27 pm

      "The Six Best Cinemas To Watch Tarantino's 'The Hateful Eight' At In Australia"

      When you clicked on the article were you hoping that your house fell under the "Six best cinemas in Australia"?

    Word for the wise, buy a Lotto ticket, don'ts waste your money, the films rubbish.

    If 70 mm projection is so awesome, why do they need to add exclusive footage to those sessions to entice people to watch it that way?

    Honestly considering the 2.5 hour drive from Canberra to Sydney to see it this weekend. Wish I heard about where they are playing it last week so I could've planned a bit better.

    Oh no! I literally am from Brisbane and bought 5x Sydney tickets and are non-refundable :( holy crap! I had work last night and thought they were for the George St in Brisbane but I was completely wrong :(

    I saw The Mission in 70mm. It was fantastic! Don't miss this if you can help it.

    I just did the same thing. Stupid mistake but I googled 70mm Brisbane Hateful 8 and it took me to the Event booking screen and bypassed all the usual filters regarding what state etc. Only after paying did I realise the error of my ways..

    Went to one of the screenings at George St on Saturday, unfortunately for our session the whole of the right hand side of the screen was out of focus :(

    Movie was great though, It's not going to change your mind about Tarantino if you're not a fan but it's one of his best I thought. Seriously angry movie, but hilarious, tense, and enjoyable in the way that only his movies are.

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