A Tesla Supercharger Station Is Planned For Port Macquarie

Tesla's plans to expand its Supercharger network for the Tesla Model S up the east coast of Australia are well underway, with the approval of a Supercharger station in Port Macquarie being announced.

Currently Australia has Supercharger installations in Melbourne, Euora and Wodonga in Victoria, and Gundagai, Goulburn, Sydney City at the Star casino and North Sydney in NSW.

It only takes half an hour of charging at a Supercharger Station to add up to 270 km of travel range, or around three hours worth of highway driving. If you've got a little longer to spare, you can get 502km out of a charge -- the rated maximum -- with the full battery option selected in a little over an hour.

The latest station at Port Macquarie will sit just off the Pacific Hwy at Cassegrain Winery, and give enough charge for Model S owners to travel between Sydney, Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Byron Bay, for free. The station has the capacity to charge six Tesla Model Ses at a time.

The stations are being stategically placed so that you can drive from station to station, pop the car on charge, grab a quick meal and be on your way again -- it's a road-tripper's dream. The plan is to have them leading all the way up to Brisbane.

Tesla's charging network is the fastest growing in the world. Since its announcement in 2012, there are now 591 Supercharger stations, and more than 3,425 Superchargers worldwide. Australia may only have a couple of dozen, but we're quickly catching up.

Here's a list of global Supercharger stations.



    Spotted a Tesla at a pool carpark in Canberra one morning. The "owner" told me he worked for Tesla, and was responsible for overseeing the development of the supercharger network. At that stage he said the plan was to complete the Sydney-Canberra-Melbourne route, then roll it out up to Brisbane. It's great to see that they're delivering on their promises.

    Eternally disappointed I didn't take up his offer for a ride.

      I know the guy you met. He's great! And doing some great work with the Supercharger network :)

    Cassegrain makes some pretty delicious wines too so thats a bonus. Their Verdelho is particularly good. Popped into their cellar door few times on my way back from Port Mac. Wine geek tip....if you are headed up that way, look up Bago Vineyards and stop in there too. Just outside the entrance to Port M when heading north. The guy who runs it has a damn cool hedge maze that is worth a gander.

    Oh yeah and Tesla, thumbs up. Question though, why no nice blue colour option for the S???

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