Siri's Questionable Beatboxing Actually Sounds Good In This Hottest 100 Rap

Video: While Siri's beatboxing skills have been called into question since someone first discovered she could do it, Melbourne hip-hop artist Ry decided her electronic beats wouldn't be a bad backing track for a rap asking his fans to vote for him in the Triple J Hottest 100.

After all, who could be better to convince people to give you a vote than Siri, the voice of a generation? It's not all about the world's biggest musical democracy, though, with shoutouts to the Apple Store, trolls, Vodafone's questionable coverage and of course Siri herself. (Ry's Hottest 100 track, if you want to check it out, is Gimme That.)

Still, anyone who can make Siri's attempt at beatboxing sound like it's actually meant to be musical is a hero in my books. Hopefully you'll appreciate the rap more than Siri herself does.

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