San Francisco's First Outdoor Urinal Opens, Public Urinators Rejoice

San Francisco's First Outdoor Urinal Opens Just in Time for the Super Bowl

San Francisco residents can now piss publicly with the city's first open-air urinal, where you can pee freely starting today. San Francisco has been battling its public urination problem for years, recently resorting to using hydrophobic paint on some walls frequented by local pee streams. It's so bad that corrosion from urine caused a streetlamp to fall over last year, launching full safety inspection of all city infrastructure.

San Francisco's First Outdoor Urinal Opens Just in Time for the Super Bowl

But people just keep on peeing everywhere. So now, a better solution seems to be encouraging all that urine to be splashed in special receptacles. An open-air urinal has been installed in the city's Dolores Park, where San Francisco residents are welcomed to drop trou and relieving themselves right there, with a lovely view of passing MUNI trains.

Public urinals are not unusual sight in some cities; you'll spot them in many European cities where residents like to drink beer. But I'm curious why San Francisco didn't use a very thoughtful and well-designed local proposal that turns urine into fertiliser for street trees. I guess this was probably cheaper.

Design aside, residents are pretty excited about the pee hole and the fact that they won't have to hold it until they get indoors anymore, according to the AP's report:

"Honestly, we were ready to go pee anywhere," San Francisco resident Aaron Cutler told news station KNTV. "So any facility is better than none."

Frisco: Ready to Go Pee Anywhereâ„¢.


AP Photo/Jeff Chiu



    Good idea. I think they have these or trialled them on the gold coast. Much better design then this one though.

    What's with the piss poor design?
    Did they suddenly realise halfway through building it that the wire mesh might offer less than adequate privacy and then decide to tack on a bit of canvas to make it all better?

    Maybe they could have looked at some of the French public urinals for tips first.

    Pissing myself laughing!

    Wee jokes indeed ;-)

    I find this baffling and a bit gross.

    OK, excuse my ignorance but is this supposed to be a unisex facility. I can see the click bait headline already, "Squatters take over San Francisco's open air urinals."

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