Samsung (Almost) Killed The TV Bezel

Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

Yesterday, Samsung is showed off its newest line of SUHD TVs. If you can believe it, they're outrageously beautiful. They have got some performance improvements and new blah blah connectivity features, but what's most striking is the way that Samsung's creeping towards that platonic ideal of a bezel-less design: A television whose picture is hanging there in the air without any frame around it at all. Indeed, Samsung touts its new 88" KS9500 SUHD TV flagship as the world's first bezel-less television, which -- spoiler alert! -- is not really true. Here look, a bezel:

Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

But to Samsung's credit, it is a very impressively small bezel for a TV this size. And if you want to see where Samsung is going with this, the company is showing off a prototype of an "ultra-slim" model. Which is not just beautiful...

Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

It's practically invisible from the side. (Company reps declined to tell me exactly how slim the thing is, and I couldn't get close enough to really measure.)

Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

Yes, one day the pixels will just float in the air!

The company has quite a history of impressive industrial design on televisions, and I must admit, I'm sort of enthralled by its relentless pursuit of design perfection. It also makes sense, because the impressiveness of 4K displays is wearing off. Design is a great way to distinguish yourself from an increasingly homogeneous 4K pack.

Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

Oh, and while we're speaking of distinguishing ourselves, what new stuff is Samsung bringing to the table this year? Two big features: A super-bright 1000 nit display capable of HDR reproduction, and built-in smart home features. With the former, Samsung is trying to keep with other top manufacturers in offering high-dynamic range reproduction. With the latter, Samsung is trying to carve out a niche in the forthcoming internet of things world.

But on TVs, nothing is more exciting than design these days. And Samsung is leading the pack. Death to bezels.

Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel
Samsung Just (Almost) Killed the TV Bezel

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    I have no problem with bezel-less displays but I can't say I'm that hyped about them when it comes to TVs. I think they're brilliant for tiling PC displays but I'm just not fussed about it when it comes to a TV. I just don't see any real benefit of being bezel-less when I'm looking at a TV.

      While I'm impressed that a TV can be thinner than my wallet (before), in practical terms it is meaningless.

      I'm due a new TV, and I just need something at 50“, in 1080p, with a really nice image quality. I like the idea of this hdr hubbub, but the rest can rightly bugger off along with 3d.

        LG 55" OLED my friend. There is a non-4k version that is absolutely stunning. Deep perfect blacks make everything look better, even standard free to air TV.

      While I hated the bezel on my old LCD, it was huge, the roughly 2cm bezel on my year old bravia X series doesn't really bother me. In fact it frames the TV nicely. I like my TV looking like a nicely framed picture.

    Super thin and bezel-less doesn't really interest me. I can appreciate the engineering that has gone in to it, but really, who cares. Much more important to me is whether Samsung has ended automatic update of Smarthub on their new tvs. Seriously, my Samsung tv updates ALL the time and you can't stop it. It interferes with actually watching the tv and is the main reason why i will probably go back to LG for my next tv.

      Have LG fixed their input lag with WebOS yet? I love the UI, but the input lag was one of the worst when I was looking which struck it out for gaming.

        When I got my LG a while ago it was annoying, but as of about 4 or 5 updates back WebOS seems to be pretty smooth now. I just really hate that stupid magic wand remote.

    If I win lotto tonight, I'm going to buy a room full of these and make a dome.

    It shouldn't be that much more expensive than the Occulus Rift. :/

    Shame Samsung can't do it to it's phones. One of these days a manufacturer will release a phone with tiny bezels all-round and when they do, I'll be all over it.

      One of their Edge variety phones in the recent past had a usable screen edge on both the left and right sides. What else are you after?

        It's the top and bottom ones that make phones so large when they don't have to be.

          so something without a front camera or buttons on it then?
          I do agree to some point though. Phones have become big again. Anyone else remember when in the early 2000s mobiles were pushing to be super small? Similar to

            I'm looking at my Samsung right now and the camera, speaker and sensors take up 5mm (top) but the bezel is 13-15mm. That's just bullshit waste of space. The bottom one is slightly better but by not much. Hopefully with the advent of using the screen for the finger print scanner, we can finally trim these waste of area down to a minimum. I like my phones to have large screens but it annoys me that the phones are at least 20mm longer than they need to be. Iphones are one of the worst offenders.

              I don't care about the top and bottom bezels as long as they've been used wisely. In the case of many Motorola's and the Nexus 6P, they've used that space for front facing speakers which are awesome.

          Where the Microphone and Speaker and camera go?

          Last edited 08/01/16 11:34 pm

            A bezel 5mm could fit those in. It does with my galaxy note. I measured it but I don't know how large the module inside is. Hell, just have it mounted in the top middle of the screen. There's usually a black band up there anyway. The point is the bezels could easily be made smaller. I think it was a Sony/sanyo/I don't know but the top bezel was only 5mm, so yeah, it can be done.

    I just want 200Hz 40-50" 1080P OLED TV.... the rest... just gimmicks... so sad now all the 40" are crap spec.

    50" is a Vmax for my unit... 65" is a freaken iMax for

    not everyone has a huge house.

      I sit between 1-2m away from my 65" 4k. Screw going smaller again haha.

        my 65" 4K lives at the foot of my bed, perfect viewing distance!

          Well I have 1 and 3 years old kids... so not good for them... for me sure :D

    now if only they can flatten the panel so it doesn't curl up at the edges....

    Presumably thinner also equates to lighter.

    Any word on whether it also reduces power consumption/need for toxic chemicals in construction/greenhouse gas emissions/black balloon emissions?

    At least then you'd have tangible benefits besides it just looking cool.

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