Razor's New Crazy Cart Shift Feels More Like Drifting An Actual Car

Razor's New Crazy Cart Shift Feels More Like Drifting an Actual Car

Although designed for kids, we had an absolute blast with Razor's original Crazy Cart. The XL version was an awesome upgrade for adults who wanted to play too, and now Razor is introducing an improved version of the original that makes it even easier for kids to drift around corners. The Crazy Cart Shift, designed for kids aged eight and older, does away with the drift bar that the original versions relied on for putting the tiny cart into a slide. It's all handled by the steering wheel now, so it feels more like drifting a real car. Although it's up to parents to decide if they want kids mastering those skills years before they even get their licence.

The Crazy Cart Shift also does away with a chain drive connecting the drive wheel to the motor, so there's less parts to fail or break. On a full charge its 24-volt battery will provide a decent hour's worth of drifting, and when the Shift launches later this year, it's expected to come with a price tag of £250 ($507). Australian pricing and availability has yet to be confirmed.

[Razor via Gizmag]


    These carts have been in the market for well over a year. Hardly new.

      no they haven't... You're thinking about the original crazy cart i'm guessing? Read much?

        They both work on the same principle. Powered front wheel and casters on the back although the ones that I was thinking about had some sort of lever you pulled in to make it drift.

          Yeah, those crazy carts had a lever that would lock the rear wheels and give you a bit of a slide.

    Many decades ago my dad made me something similar (sans motor) with a plank of wood and 4 furniture wheels. It was a lot of fun since it went in any crazy direction but it also was horrendously bumpy on typical suburban ashfault streets and wholly unpredictable when one of the wheels got snagged on a stone and I was sent flying. Ah, good times.

      f.y.i, I put the comment above in fake html tag of < reminiscing > and the tags were removed.

    We should ban this in Australia, because it looks fun, no fun allowed in Australia, remember, we need to stick to our cry baby laws, that's what make us special and unique from every other country. Cheers👍🏿

      as long as the motor stays under 250w they should be fine.. but still, i'm sure they'll figure another way to ban them..

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