R2-D2 Is Just As Heroic As His Non-Robot Counterparts

The human -- well, organic -- heroes of Star Wars are the ones we remember doing the valiant deeds and while no one can forget the likes of little R2-D2, we may not be entire cognizant of all the times the portable droid has saved the day. Warning, spoilers ahead!

This video from IGN does a good job of highlighting those moments... and you might be surprised by how many there are.

The exact figure, for those not counting at home, is 19. From cutting through nets to saving Padme from lava, R2-D2 is constantly keeping people alive and preventing the destruction of the Rebel Alliance.

He can't hold a blaster or wield a lightsabre, but he has a mean zapper on him and when push comes to shove, he's quite the (rocket-supplemented) aerial acrobat.

Now all we need to do is count the times C-3PO has kept everyone safe. Maybe someone can finally figure out where he got that red arm...

[YouTube / IGN, via Neatorama]

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    Actually he saved Padme from molten metal, be it steel, aluminium, et al. However my biggest irk is from Episode 1 when he "saved the ship" by fixing the shield generator power etc, and was commended for saving them all. A repair robot fixed the ship? You mean it did what it was built for? That's like commending a fuel injection system cleaner for cleaning injectors on a car! "Thank you little fuel cleaning system!!!". R2 was doing what he was built for, and the other droids that happened to get lost during the escape may well have been as "heroic" for all we know.

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