Qantas's New In-Flight Safety Video Also Shows Australia In All Its Beauty

Video: It's probably hard to get a plane full of restless travellers to pay attention to a safety video, especially when they're about to take off in a 575-tonne aircraft and travel for over 12 hours to reach the other side of the world. Qantas' new in-flight safety film, though, catches your attention by also being one of the most beautiful and visually stunning looks at the Australian landscape that you've ever seen.

The video is a collaboration between Qantas and Tourism Australia, and visits 17 iconic locations around the country, like Cradle Mountain in Tasmania and Hamilton Island in Queensland.

Over its five minutes and 30 seconds, it gives you the same safety run-through that you've probably heard dozens of times if you're a frequent traveller -- fasten your seatbelt by inserting the clasp into the buckle, life jackets are under your seats or in the leg rest, and so on. But it does that without showing a single piece of airplane interior, and only a single member of the cabin crew.

The way that Qantas has put this safety demonstration together is absolutely wonderful. The oxygen masks shown are hanging from the ceiling at the Museum of Old and New Art (MONA) in Hobart, for example, and are a genuine piece of art that nonetheless effectively shows you how to put one on if you need to.

Floor lights to the emergency exits are represented by the flames on Melbourne's Southbank, and seat rows are the lines of grape vines in a vineyard. It's just brilliant. And the footage itself is just stunning -- it makes me want to see more of Australia.

(By the way: the brace position is demonstrated with half a dozen people taking a yoga class on the coast of Hamilton Island, and it makes the idea of an uncontrolled landing look just about as relaxing it could ever be.)

Friendly Australians and stunning destinations are the stars of a new Qantas safety video that showcases Australia as an amazing place to visit. 
Due to screen on hundreds of Qantas flights a day to a global audience of almost 30 million people a year, the short video features Australians from all walks of life talking passengers through the on-board safety instructions against the backdrop of locations across the country. 
The scenarios featured in the video include:  ● An oxygen mask demonstration at the Museum of Old and New Art in Hobart;  ● A life-jacket demonstration at Bondi Icebergs;  ● A brace position demonstration during a yoga class on Hamilton Island;  ● Counting rows to the exit on a Yarra Valley winery; and  ● An emergency slide demonstration at Josephine Falls in Queensland, among others. 
The video will be introduced across Qantas’ domestic and international fleet from February, as well as featuring on the airline’s online channels. While the video is first and foremost a safety communication, it will also form the basis of a new tourism campaign. 
Qantas and Tourism Australia will work together over the next 12 months to promote the locations featured and maximise the benefits for local tourism operators. In particular, Tourism Australia will lend its social media marketing power, helping the video reach millions of people globally.

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    Its good to see that they're finally trying to make it more interesting that John Travolta going through the same motions that every other actor does in their in-flight safety videos. Still have a long way to go to catch up to Air NZ and make them truly engaging, though.

    Also nice to see that the outrageous fares they charge Pilbara, WA residents such as myself are being put to good marketing use.

      Correction: Also nice to see that the outrageous fares they charge WA residents...

      There, fixed. As we say in Perth, it's ridiculous that it's cheaper to fly to Bali than it is to Melbourne.

      Last edited 29/01/16 1:11 am

        I was looking at going to Singapore with a mate last year, she from Sydney was $189 each way, me from Perth was $199 each way plus the $600 return they wanted to charge me to get from Karratha to Perth and back.

        Glad i'm leaving WA in 10 weeks, sure it's Darwin but at least the trip to Bali is only a couple of hours and I don't have to fly down to Perth, or drive 2.5 hours to port hedland to get there!

        You do know that Bali is closer than Melbourne right?

        How dare they charge less for something closer! It's an outrage!

        I get it sucks, but hey, on the plus side you can get to Bali cheap enough.

          Yes, 3h42m flight vs 3h54m. You're right, that extra 12 minutes of domestic flight time really justifies the price difference

    #Hawaiin Airlines ALREADY did this for their
    inflight safety video.
    About time some1 copied their innovation👍

    Airlines are all a little scared to implement serious safety measures.

    They should introduce random opt-in pop tests inflight with prizes awarded for the correct demonstration - now that's effective motivational psychology...

    Using nice scenery to attract people's attention to something that they may need to rely on to save their life is a very iffy theory indeed.

    Also, the overhead lockers on all planes should be deadlocked during the transition phases of flight to deter idiots from blocking exits with their roll on luggage.

    Starts off with sheep. Could be mistaken for NZ. :p

    Granted, I'm an Economy flyer, but if you can't reach the seat in front of you, you probably don't have arms.

    1st Day = Watch Air NZ Safety Videos
    2nd Day = Story board and write Safety video by inserting slightly different words and different location video where needed
    3rd & 4th Day = Shoot scenes and gobble together video
    5th Day - Release with high fives and back slaps

    Well done on the innovation Qantas.

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