Optical Illusion: Can You See The Panda?

A fun procrastination tool, for a good cause. Graphic designer Ilja Klemencov created this optical illusion to raise awareness about the threat of extinction to pandas. here's the full image:

Can you see it?

Now this image has been around for a while, it won the 2010 World Student Poster Biennale in Serbia, but the internet has recently resurfaced it and we thought it was worth a share.

The zig-zags aren't perfect, offsetting the pattern a little to reveal the Panda. If you can't see it, try moving back from the image a little.

Good luck!

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    If you cant see it. Scroll the image up and down quickly so your eyes cant fix on the moving line optical illusion.

    Scroll up and down with the mousewheel, if you can, and its far easier to see.

    If you can control eye focusing, try different levels.

    Much easier to see in the thumbnail on the main page

    Saw the panda... did you see the giraffe behind him?

    Just squint, it pops right up. Or stand back a good way from your display.

    Put a finger 10-20cms infront of your eyes and focus on the finger, the panda on the screen in the background will appear

    You can click on the image and drag it over to see the panda.

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