Oppo's $529 R7s Is On Sale In Australia Today

Oppo's family of super-slim R7 smartphones is rounded out by today's launch of the R7s, a 5.5-inch-screened mid-range Android phone with an enticingly low price tag of $529. Like the smaller R7, it's ridiculously slim at 7mm, has space for two SIMs or a SIM plus microSD storage, and Oppo's excellent high-speed VOOC fast charging.

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The R7s uses the same tried-and-tested Snapdragon 615 octa-core chipset -- which has a quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 segment and even more efficient quad-core 1.0 GHz Cortex-A53 complement -- along with an impressive 4GB of RAM, and only a 32GB storage option will be offered. (It's looking like phone manufacturers are finally catching on to the fact that 16GB is not enough.) The 5.5-inch touchscreen AMOLED is a 1080p panel -- not quite as pixel-dense as a Nexus 6P or Note 5, but still detailed at 400ppi.

Like other Oppo phones, the R7s's big selling point is its VOOC fast charging -- at 25 Watts (5 volts and 5 amps), it's 40 per cent faster than the USB Type-C 15 Watt standard, and 28 per cent faster than Samsung's 18 Watt adaptive fast charging. Oppo says it can charge the 3070mAh R7s to 90 per cent capacity in 50 minutes, and Oppo says its internal cell has had real-world battery life results of 13 hours and 15 minutes. You can buy the R7s online through Oppo's web store, or at retail at Dick Smith. [Oppo]



    Just don't lay-by one at Dick Smith.. ;)

      Probably not a concern as Dick Smith hasn't done lay-by for a few years now.

    No thanks, I have an iPhone 6 Plus 128Gb and it's still not enough space. All phones needs to be 4TB for the next 5 years. Cheers

      You're in a tiny minority here. There are very few people who want 128Gb storage, let alone a silly number like 4TB.

      But clearly you didn't read the description carefully - this device supports microSD storage, so you can easily add an additional 128Gb to the existing 32Gb internal memory. So if you want more space, this just might be the phone for you....

        Didn't you read his post? He has an iPhone 6 Plus. I don't think he'd know what he wants ;)

        Lol, who I'm talking to, I seriously need to pee...

        Actually klaw I want at least 128GB, Why ? Well after 3 years of owning a 16GB S4 the device storage is slowly filling up . I am down to 1GB. That's after my best efforts to move everything to my SD card. Some files and apps just cant function on the SD card.

      Don't be ridiculous some of us do still use our phones as phones not as mini laptops. 32 is more than enough for me .

    Cloud streaming is the new local storage.... Escpecially now the networks are starting to get competitive on data charges.

    I've seen a few Chinese manufacturers going for this second SIM or microSD slot config. I fear that most people who want a second SIM also want at least the option of a SD card too.
    Still, with there not yet being any handset with dual 3/4G SIMs and Telstra's 2G going this year, I've got extra reasons to hold off upgrading.

    It actually was on sale from the 14th January at Dick Smith.

    Does not support B28. Yet the R7 does - go figure. You would be a mug to buy any phone that does not support B28 unless you are with Vodaphone.

    not sure how it was on sale at dicksmith at all, as far as I can tell all oppo cut dicksmith off a couple of days before christmas and they have been out of stock of all Oppo phones since about the 22nd December

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