One Day Droneboarding Could Be An Exciting Sport, But Not Today

One Day Droneboarding Could Be an Exciting Sport, But Not Today

Video: It's entirely plausible that one day extreme athletes will be blasting across a snow-covered field on a snowboard, powered not by the pull of gravity, but by a flying drone pulling them along. However, as this video of the world's first droneboarder reveals, that day is still a long ways off.

It's not that the idea of using a drone to pull you around isn't plausible, this video clearly demonstrates that it works. It's just that the numbers, specifically the weight of the snowboarder versus the size and strength of consumer-available drones, just doesn't add up right now. Were you to pitch this video to the X-Games organisers, they'd laugh you out of the room... dude.

Now if the engineers behind this drone were to give it a shot, there's a good chance the fledgling sport of droneboarding might have a fighting chance.

[YouTube via The Verge]

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