Oculus Rift Preorders Start Thursday

Oculus Rift Preorders Start Wednesday

If you want to lock in your order for the much-anticipated headset that's been the face for emerging VR technology, your wait's over: Starting 3am Thursday morning AEDT (8am Wednesday PST), you can preorder an Oculus Rift of your own. The company made the announcement today on its blog. Industry analysts -- even Oculus founder Palmer Luckey himself -- know that for the first couple years, most of the folks willing to spend the money on VR will be gamers and tech enthusiasts. In addition to the headset (whose price still hasn't been revealed), buying a PC capable of running Rift's VR software could easily set you back over a grand on its own.

Gaming is the most logical arena for VR to first conquer anyway, which is why Rift comes bundled with two video games: a space dogfighting game called EVE: Valkyrie and Lucky's Tale, a cartoony platformer.

Similar to its price tag, an actual release date is still unknown at this time. Hopefully we'll learn more at CES this week.




    Gah, will need to wait until thursday to see if they're shipping outside of USA.
    I had sworn off being an early adopter, but this is much too tempting

    edit: Oops wait, mistook for the vive.

    Last edited 05/01/16 8:57 am

      Yeah, after even MORE delays were announced on the tracked controllers, that sealed the deal for me. No way I'm buying the Rift if it's going to lead to a fragmented market from the get-go. I'd prefer to wait a little longer and get the complete package from HTC (Assuming they don't go under in the meantime) along with room-scale tracking.

    Not getting burned on a predorder of ANY VR until I try it out IRL first.

    "EVE: Valkyrie" will be subscription, No? If so, then not free?

    Honestly id pre-order this in a heart beat as im a big VR advocate but cost is a big issue with no guarantee that its going to cost $500 or $5000

    A year after it was announced I would have been excited. Another year and I was a bit meh... by now, they have completely lost me. Excitement and hype only lasts so long.

      If you had of received it back then, you would have received a significantly inferior product

    I'll wait 6-9 months, see how it goes, see if the reviews are good. By that stage, we should also have seen the supply issues cleared up, and graphics cards capable of running these things a little cheaper to boot.

      Yeah, hopefully the Australia tax will come down by then too.

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