Nikon Has Unveiled Its First Action Camera

Nikon Has Unveiled Its First Action Camera

The wearable KeyMission 360 is the first cab off the rank for Nikon’s foray into action cameras, and it records 360 video in 4K UHD.

“Building on Nikon’s expertise in imaging technology, the new KeyMission 360 provides our users with an immersive experience, allowing them to capture all aspects of their environment without missing a beat,” said Nikon Australia’s Director of Sales and Marketing, James Murray.

And by all aspects, they really mean it. Nikon’s focus is squarely on the “action” in “action cam” with this release. They KeyMission 360 is waterproof to 30 metres as is — no separate housing needed — and is resistant to dusk, shock and low temperatures.

There’s also an app- controlled electronic vibration reduction mechanism to help deal with camera shake.

The 360 images are created via an image sensor and lens combination on two opposite sides of the camera. The captured images are then combined in-camera to create a single image.

The KeyMission 360 and a range of accessories will be available in Australia in April, with pricing to be confirmed.