Netflix Launches In 130 New Countries And China's Not One Of Them

Netflix Launches in 130 New Countries and China's Not One of Them

The internet streaming company that's promising 600 hours of new original content next year has just taken a huge leap in its march toward global domination. CEO Reed Hastings made the announcement today in Las Vegas: Netflix is now available in 130 additional countries as of today, including emerging markets like India, Indonesia, Russia, Azerbaijan, and developed markets like Singapore and South Korea. Then Hastings made a loaded statement. "While you have been listening to me talk," he said. "The Netflix service has gone live in nearly every country of the world but China -- where we hope to also be in the future."

Hastings failed to explain what's happening in China, but he did call Netflix a global television network. Of course, you might just call Netflix another tech company that wants to take over the world. Regardless, it's good news for fans of Jessica Jones worldwide.

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    Thanks for the article. Good news for people who don't have Netflix in their country. However, the new regions of Netflix will have a maximum number of 500 unique titles which is very low compared to US Netflix (5000 titles). You can use geo unblocking services such as Unotelly like I do and access content from all regions of Netflix. I am using this method for more than one year and imo, it provides great value for the money I spend on my Netflix sub.

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