Netflix Is Already Blocking US Content Streamed Via VPN In Australia

Netflix Is Already Blocking US Content Streamed via VPN in Australia

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that it was cracking down on VPNs and proxies used to access video in other countries. It wasn't an empty threat: the company has started blocking US content that's accessed that way from Australia.

uFlix, a company that allows people in Australia to change their IP address and DNS settings to circumnavigate geographical restrictions, reports that some of its users are already unable to access content overseas as they have done in the past. Netflix has apparently been warning people that they "seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again."

While the blocks appear to be affecting just a small number of people at the moment, uFlix says that it expects the numbers to increase. You can probably also expect the trend to spread outside of Australia, too. But it hurts us most.

[uFlix via The Australian via Engadget]

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    Ran into this problem using getflix this weekend :s

      It was fine for me the few times I tried, did you notice they now have 4 US options?

        Yeah, was still working fine for me last time I tried (Saturday night) using the original US option.

        Also - does this crackdown prevent us from accessing other regions e.g. UK or Canada or whatever? I haven't noticed any alternate regions popping up for any of those yet.

          Canada was ok yesterday afternoon ('Big Game' which for some reason I don't think ever came to Australia or if it did I blinked at the wrong time)

      They posted msg on their page saying it was fixed on Sat

      We could no longer access the standard US server on Getflix, but the alternate one is no problem at all and still going strong as I type this.

    Still good here on unotelly...

      Unotelly not working for me. Spent a few hours with Unotelly support and they couldn't fix it.

      Noticeably it was on AppleTV with iTunes AU account. Still worked OK on PC using Unotelly.

    Can you guys please stop confusing VPNs and DNS spoofing. They really are not the same thing and you keep using them interchangeably.........

      But it's all piracy and evil and the MPAA are very sad because of all of you hard-core criminals thieverising these poor people's films.


        Not piracy. The Australian senate made the recommendation for Australians to bypass geoblocking technologies. Therefore not illegal.

          I know it's not piracy, and it's not a crime, it's a breach of terms and conditions.

    Blocked on get flix, unblock us and private internet access vpn. Sub cancelled bit torrent engaged.

      I was on the US netflix on both my computer using IP Vanish and on the PS3 with unblock-Us this morning. No problems.

    Perhaps if we all took up going for walks, talking with friends, watching free-to-air TV, watching live music, reading books from the local library, and watching sport live - instead of consuming any of their digital content - then these corporations would realise that we were never criminals after all.

      The only thing that they would 'realise' is that we were pirating even more. Obviously, there is no other reason why their profits would drop.

    Netflix is actually blocking the whole IPs pool that VPNs are using. But some of the VPNs such as Ivacy are still working fine. The proxies and smartdns have already been blocked to quite an extent.

    DNS settings to circumnavigate geographical restrictions

    So, uFlix sails around the globe?

    Are you sure that you aren't getting circumvent mixed up with circumnavigate?

    I will be using UnoTelly and Netflix for as long as I can change my Netflix region. Otherwise, I will be cancelling my Netflix subscription.

    I'm running my own proxy on AWS California. I was blocked today but after changing my Elastic IP it's business as usual. We'll see how long this lasts.

    I used turboflix up until yesterday when it stopped working and i got the notice saying to stop using proxy or whatever. Changed to Getflix and its working again.

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