Netflix Is Already Blocking US Content Streamed Via VPN In Australia

Netflix Is Already Blocking US Content Streamed via VPN in Australia

Earlier this month, Netflix announced that it was cracking down on VPNs and proxies used to access video in other countries. It wasn't an empty threat: the company has started blocking US content that's accessed that way from Australia.

uFlix, a company that allows people in Australia to change their IP address and DNS settings to circumnavigate geographical restrictions, reports that some of its users are already unable to access content overseas as they have done in the past. Netflix has apparently been warning people that they "seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. Please turn off any of these services and try again."

While the blocks appear to be affecting just a small number of people at the moment, uFlix says that it expects the numbers to increase. You can probably also expect the trend to spread outside of Australia, too. But it hurts us most.

[uFlix via The Australian via Engadget]

Image by Shardayyy

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