Netflix Doesn't Think VPN Piracy Is A Big Problem

Netflix recently made a lot of people sad by announcing a block on using VPNs and proxies to access its services, shutting down a popular, semi-shady way to watch TV online. But according to CEO Reed Hastings, it's no big deal because no one was doing that anyway. As part of an earnings call to announce Netflix's latest set of financial results, Hastings talked a little more about the new policy:

"I don't think we'll see any impact, we've always enforced proxy blocks with a blacklist, now we've got an enhanced and expanded blacklist, so I don't think we're going to see any huge change."

On further questioning, Hasting admitted that Netflix banned VPNs at the request of its content providers, citing "legitimate demands". But Hastings didn't want to dwell on the policy at all -- rather, he thinks that the entire problem can be solved by a shift to global licensing, which would see the same content available on Netflix around the world.

Hasting's aim is certainly a good one -- global licensing would sort out a mess of content agreements and make things better for consumers down the line. But until studios stop treating Netflix as the root cause behind types of piracy -- which is exactly what hammering for a VPN ban reeks of -- and starts addressing the underlying cause with affordable, convenient streaming options, pirates are just going to go find a way of streaming that doesn't cost them anything at all.

[Netflix via TorrentFreak]

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    I havnt had any problems with my paid vpn service and hola not working yet (touch wood). Hola would be the hardest to ban because there is no one fixed ip address (it uses other peoples Internet connects to route traffic traffic to the domain requested). Unless they restrict accounts based on where you signed up from hola should at least work.

      I was under the distinct understanding that Hola is dodgy because it uses other people's IP address (including yours). It means that individuals up to no good (think child porn and other illegal crimes) may be using your IP address.

        Yeah I completely agree, by no means is it the best option or 100% safe. But hola does keep keep records of who uses your connection in the case of misuse, but this definitely doesnt stop the misuse from happening. I DEFINITELY recommend paid vpn over hola.

    Can we PLEASE stop referring to dodging region-blocks as "piracy"? When someone uses a VPN or proxy to access a foreign Netflix they're STILL PAYING FOR ACCESS. It's not like they're also dodging the fee for using the service and taking it for free.

    Calling someone a "Netflix Pirate" just because they choose to access a different country's library is like saying they're a "DVD Pirate" if they choose to import a DVD from a different region that's not available for sale locally.

    Oh well if i can no longer access the US library i will simply back to torreting and closing my Netflix account.
    I'm confident that I will not be the only person to do this.

      I will be sticking with them as a 'fuck you' to Foxtel, but I will do so begrudgingly :p

    This is just a PR stunt by Netflix, they are making money hand over fist with Unblocking services. This reminds me of how Ebay went after "Shill" accounts even though they made them more money lol

    Last edited 24/01/16 10:47 am

    As Shia Labouf would say, JUST DO IT!

    It can't be called piracy as its a paid service that simply has antiquated industry copyright laws.

    Its a tactics from Netflix to make it's brand more popular as they are focusing for extension of their services in other countries so you know better what i mean. In fact a website that is specially publish reviews of vpn providers, they didn't publish any sort of complain from any users. So its better to understand what is going on!

    which are u using and how is the speed ? Iam using free but need a backup due to running out of volume

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