NBN Ads From An Alternate Future

Imagine an alternate universe. A future, or a past, where a fibre-to-the-premises NBN already exists and is being built out around Australia. Coming up to an election, an opposition campaign to dismantle that network is countered by a series of government advertisements about the advantages of FTTP, and its uses for high-definition video calls, telehealth, and Ultra HD video streaming. This is that universe, and these are those ads.

The incredibly-well-named 'asscopter' on Reddit made these three ads, focusing on a fibre to the premises NBN's advantages -- lower latency, higher bandwidth -- over the fibre to the node tech currently being rolled out around the country's metropolitan regions as part of the Liberal government's multi-technology mix.

Says Mr. Asscopter: "I guess it's set in a parallel universe where Labor held on to the last two elections and the Liberal Party, led of course by Cory Bernardi, is still vying to destroy a FTTP network.

"Obviously this would only ever exist in an alternate universe now, but I thought it was worth submitting for the discussion. This sub (Reddit's r/australia subreddit) is pretty up on the tech and benefits of a proper FTTP network, but I think a lot of regular "mums and dads" weren't (and aren't), and there was never much of an effort to communicate the benefits to real people. How can we change this?"

A ubiquitous fibre to the premises NBN would be an expensive proposition -- fibre to the doorstep of (almost) every home in Australia, whether it's metropolitan or suburban or rural, would cost a lot of money. That's the entire idea behind the (supposedly) cheaper MTM, with a wider spread of FTTN and fixed wireless and satellite. And, all politicking aside, it's unlikely that we'll see a significant roll-out of curbside fibre any time soon. But it's nice to dream.

You can see the ads on Imgur, on Reddit, or below.

Image credit: u/asscopter, Imgur / Reddit

Image credit: u/asscopter, Imgur / Reddit

Image credit: u/asscopter, Imgur / Reddit



    I refuse to watch. Not out of moral reasons but because I don't wanna see what my better, more visionary alternate Australia could've looked like :(

    "What if you could afford business grade speed to your Home Office"

    What if the first foreign investors and tourists visiting Australia DIDNT complain about the WiFi!

    In the future, can the NBN upgrade my eyes so that I can discern the benefits of 4K video too...

      No... by the time cyborg eye future comes the screen resolution will be far higher and you wouldnt need it to beam images direct to the optic nerve.

      The main advantage of 4k is bigger screen realestate without pixel size increase being seen by the naked eye.

        Yes, I laugh at people who buy a 50" 4K screen for the visual "benefits"...
        I cry for people who buy a smart phone with 4K screens...

          Really? Edited some photos on Lightroom on a friend's 4K recently. Unless you have terrible vision, there's a massive visual upgrade to 4K.

            Is it Mt Everest massive or marginally massive? I'm hanging out for 64K, this 4K stuff is BS...

            Last edited 26/01/16 10:56 am

              Ah it's Mt Everest massive dude.

              Also, I read your other post and understand that your not talking about the tech at all. You're just bitter because you're losing your eyesight so you're attacking people.

              Tough break dude. My dog went a bit feral when his eyesight started going too. Eventually he mellowed out. Just hang in there bud.

                Thanks for the salient advice dude.

                Dude, those marketers got to you didn't they dude? Dude, Mt Everest is reeeeeeallly big dude, have you ever climbed it dude? Did you read my original post too dude? It was a joke dude. Haha funny dude.

                Am I hangin' with you now bud? I'll hang in there bud. Thanks bud, you've really helped bud, I was worried I was losing it bud, not being convinced of the Mt Everest massive dude gains of 4K...

                Can't wait for 64k bud dude, can you bud dude? Hey look at that bud dude... I took those really 2 cool words (bud and dude) and mashed them together into the most awesomest compliment... You ROCK bud dude!!!

                PS Say hi to your dog - I'm guessing it was that shit 1080p picture that stuffed his eyesight...

                  My dog's dead since the late 90's dude.
                  Sorry about your eyesight bud.
                  You'll get over the bitterness 1 day mate.

                  Wow, a day and a half later and that's the best you can come up with? No wonder your dog died... it probably took you a month to work out what to feed him... poor frikken blind starving mutt!!!

      I believe OPSM sell corrective prescription eyeglasses that will help with your vision impairment.

        Ha, do they have a corrective prescription for you that will help you determine the difference between marketing BS and reality???

        "Sir, after your test, we noticed that you are highly susceptible to hype. We can help with that..."

        Last edited 25/01/16 1:28 pm

          You mean you can't tell the difference between an image with a resolution of 480x270px to an image that's 1920x1080px? lol

            Ha, yeh... lol. Next thing you'll be telling me is 8K screens are soooooo much better than 4K...

            You've convinced your most important fan (ie You), now move on.

            Last edited 26/01/16 10:48 am

              Okay so if I'm hearing you right, you're saying DVD video is a better quality image than Blu Ray?

              I just want to make sure I understand the reality versus the marketing.

                Nope, you need to upgrade to lossless audio so you can hear me right...

                  Okay. So what you're really trying to say is there's no such thing as stereo. Gotcha pal.

                  No wonder the marketers convinced you if you don't know the difference between stereo and lossless. That's like saying "I like cheese because the sky is blue". You need help bud dude... liking cheese has NOTHING to do with the colour of the sky...

                  Last edited 30/01/16 10:49 am

          If you can't see the screen door effect on a large 1080p TV, you do need glasses. Go check out those 80" Sharp 1080p TV's for starters, then work your way down. 1080 over 50-55" is the pits. 4k at 60"+ is much better even with just upscaled 1080 content.

            No, actually that's because humans are susceptible to the brightness of LCD (somewhat like moths) and stopped buying superior plasma technology that could scale a digital signal much, much better. Crappy LCD can't downscale or upscale effectively so not arguing that an 80" sharp is shit. A 4K crappy LCD will be even worse at downscaling.

            4k at 60"+ is much better even with just upscaled 1080 content. I feel sorry for you... although sadly glasses won't help you...

            Last edited 26/01/16 10:47 am

              4x the pixels, a pretty simple upscale for a decent processor. No idea why you'd want to downscale, are you trying to watch 4k content on your 1080 TV?

              Personally I didn't like the part where Plasma's were 2-3x as thick when I bought my last TV while putting out 4x the heat, and hadn't had any real progress in technology for years while being killed off when I bought my latest TV.

              Last edited 26/01/16 11:30 am

                That is the funniest response I've heard. Putting out 4x the heat... where do you live, in a furnace???
                Watching 4K content on a 1080p panel would be ALMOST as stupid as watching 1080 content on a 4K panel... except if it's a 4K "smart" phone... then you'd really see the difference...

                  Got to love people who don't use something but try their hardest to defend their decision without any real insight. I bet you were also one of those aggressive holdouts against "Full HD" a few years ago too.

                  Last edited 27/01/16 8:53 am

                  Can't reply to you anymore @dknigs (probably a good sign that this has run its course)...
                  You are right, I haven't invested in the glorious 4K technology. I've seen enough on my neighbour's screen to know it's an absolute waste of money. My (obviously because so many people have told me) failing eyesight is more than happy enough with 1080p (which is predominantly used to upscale 576i FTA television).

                  If you want to stay on the upgrade rollercoaster you go for it. I salute you as a true pioneer and look forward to your anticipated rave reviews on 8K technology.

                  Quite a blanket response for the technology considering the difference between what a 4k TV from a manufacturer like Soniq will be like compared to one from Samsung.
                  Also, having worked entertainment sections in retail before I don't see why you'd dismiss plasma TV's putting out more heat .

                  And now we have @acosnave weighing in with different BRANDS of 4K manufacturers, like it's going to convince me it's a must!

                  In regards to your heat comment, I didn't dismiss it. It's a fact that plasma's produce more heat. I've just never, EVER sat in from of my screen and thought, geez it's a bit warm in here. Maybe that's my problem, I need to sit so my nose is 10cm away from the screen so I can see the massive pixels and get burned at the same time. Then I will say to my self "self, it's time to go and buy a 4K tele..."

                  Not that we're getting off topic or anything here...

                  You're right, silly me, if you can't notice the difference between 1080p and 4k how should I expect you to notice the difference between a bargain bin display and a higher end one?
                  Ultimately, I don't have to convince you of anything, if you're eyes aren't doing the job for you then you are hopeless.
                  I'm glad you haven't ever noticed the heat, now if you can think outside of your own situation maybe you would arrive at the conclusion that the heat produced by the display does make a difference? Anyone who has lived in an older house without the best protection from the elements would understand that devices, not just displays, can make an impact here.
                  Computers will contribute to heat, gaming consoles will contribute to heat, fridges/freezers will contribute to heat etc, etc.
                  We can thank you for bringing up the topic and for setting the tone of the discussion.

                  Yes @acnosave, silly you. Yawn, you tire me. Go spend some money on a Tesla battery, I hear they're the "in thing" at the moment. 4K is sooooo last year. Long live my hopelessness... I didn't realise I could use my plasma as a heating device...

      Wait, you legitimately can't tell the difference between 1080p and 4k? Next you'll be telling me you can't see the difference in computer monitors between TN and IPS panels, and that 60Hz looks exactly the same as 120Hz...

        Wait, next you'll be telling me you can see the infrared spectrum. Oh shit, I've just thought of the next marketing angle to get morons to upgrade their screens "Native Infrared... our new technology allows you to see infrared. YOU MUST UPGRADE NOW SO YOU DON'T MISS OUT!!!"

    What if Australian sport was actually recorded in HD to begin with?

      or even cover other matches apart from Australian matches?! :O

      It is, that's how they sell it to overseas networks. They couldn't sell it in SD.

        It's 1080i at best. It's getting better but a year or two ago it was garbage.

    The government refusing to own a monopoly by being the only fibre network in Australia was the dumbest financial and budget idea ever. MONOPOLY! Every Australian person and business would be paying and it was future proofed unless science could figure out how to break the speed of light.

      That's kind of what gets me about the whole thing. There's no chance any private investor will invest in a nationwide network in a country with our population density.

    That last picture in the article is what we should be focusing on: RELIABLE internet.

    Not this crappy copper stuff in the ground that flakes out if you're too far away, or if it gets corroded, or if it gets too wet, or struck by lightning..

    I mean, we're aiming for a technology where as long as it can do 1megabit per second on it's best day, it's considered to have no faults.

    FTTN is an improvement on dialup/ADSL/ADSL2, sure. But it suffers from all the same issues, and still costs heaps to implement.. why not go that tiny bit further and choose the FTTP super reliable option, and get those awesome speeds as a bonus!

    The more people that adopt 4K TVs, and the like, and then try to stream content to them then the more people will become aware of what a fibre network would provide and, perhaps, in the process pressure the government to build a real, reliable, fast, future-proofed fibre network.

    What if you managed to get NBN in your suburb before your 4k TV was obsolete?

    Of course the other alternative NBN adverts would have been ones that instead of spruiking the supposed benefits of an ultra-high speed technologist-focussed NBN that only the very well-off needed for their expensive toys or could afford, subsidised by everyone else, someone was offering a customer-focussed NBN that offered internet access for every Australian at a price they could afford so everyone and all of Australia benefitted from it. But, bizarrely, Labor, the party that says its for the workers not the rich, wasn't the one offering that. It got sucked in by the techos who just couldn't understand everyone else didn't think ultra-high speed internet access was important and valuable.

      Huh? Poor people don't use the Internet? Jeez Louise!

      I know more poor people with big TV's than rich people. Poor people are usually in a far higher percentage debt of their income than rich people and make poor purchasing decisions for their actual income.

      "Techos" - is anyone remotely familiar with technology calling themselves that these days?

    I'm currently doing a course so I can work on the NBN and one of the questions was..... How will most people connect with the NBN. The answer was fibre and I laughed so hard I nearly shat. This test was obviously written during the Rudd era. Funny but sad at the same time.

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