Microsoft Expands Australian Surface Book Retailers

Microsoft Surface Book Review: So Good, I Might Switch Back to Windows

The Surface Book is the first ever laptop built by Microsoft, and has been in Australia since November last year. Now retail availability of the Surface Book is expanding.

No longer a Microsoft Sydney Flagship or online store exclusive, as of 28th January, you'll be able to head to JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman for a Surface Book.

Or, if you can't wait, you can pre-order from today, while watching this gloriously satisfying gif of that hinge.

Microsoft Surface Book Review: So Good, I Might Switch Back to Windows


The going price for the Surface Book in Australia is $2299 RRP.

Microsoft have also announced the Surface Book will soon be available in Austria, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.



    Well they're not going to be a MacBook Pro killer with that price tag.

      You know it's bad when it's more expensive than a similar apple product!

      Although to be fair it does have a touch screen, stylus and detachable body which will appeal to some over the standard form factor laptop.

      It depends on your needs. If you need discrete graphics, as I do, the cheapest MacBook is $3800, whereas the cheapest Surface Book with discrete graphics is just $2950. Sure, you get quad-core CPUs with the Mac but that's what always rules Macs out of my considerations when I'm upgrading - they just don't offer the combination of features I need so I'd always be paying a premium for things I don't want. OTOH, I can always find a PC that has everything I need and nothing I don't, usually for much less.

      That said, I could not in all conscience recommend the Surface Book to anyone at this time. It has so much potential but, right now, it still has serious issues that Microsoft has yet to fix. e.g. Watching videos in either IE or Edge will end in a crash after 15-20 minutes, a BSOD in the case of IE, and the machine loses the keyboard/trackpad randomly, requiring me to detach and re-attach the clipboard to get it back. Since I moved back to Firefox the crashes have stopped and the other problem has only happened twice in 8 weeks but that is still more trouble than any PC has given me in 15 years.

    Shame, I just got an SP4 from harvey norman because I couldn't get a surface book.

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