Kodak Reveals A Digital Super 8 Camera That Records On Film… Wait What?!

Kodak Reveals a Digital Super 8 Camera That Records on Film… Wait What?!

Screw 360-degree film cameras on drones or Vines on 16-megapixel smartphones. Kodak's going old school with these little beauties. The design is inspired by the Super 8 fad from half a century ago, and these new cameras that shoot film on, well, actual film. Kodak made the announcement yesterday at CES. Industrial designer and Jawbone COO Yves Behar partnered with Kodak to bring the modern relic to life. The cameras feature an integrated microphone, digital viewfinder, and lots of connectivity options like USB cable and SD slots -- which definitely didn't exist in Super 8's glory days.

Balancing the new with the old are the Kodak film cartridges that you'll shoot on. Kodak chief Jeff Clarke told the Wall Street Journal that the film will cost $US50 ($71) to $US75 ($106) a cartridge, and the camera itself will set you back $US400 ($567) to $US750 ($1059). After processing, you'll also have two options for media: either digital copies of your home movies or 8mm film you can put in a projector.

I would have liked them better if they looked exactly like the Super 8 cameras that were discontinued in 1982. But I'm a sucker for anything that harkens back to a time before these inane monstrosities of modernity.

No word yet on the Australian pricing and availability, but Kodak's site says the new-old Super 8 cameras will be out in the US this spring.


Image via Kodak

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    Brilliant business plan. CEO should be provided with bonus shares in the company. Apparently vinyl is making a comeback too. At least it makes investor options easier.

    having shot digital cameras obsessively for about a decade now it's been an absolute joy to pickup a film camera; now that i really know my photography I am finding the shots on film are just that bit nicer than digital & i am pretty much only shooting with it... sure digital is sharp & perfect, but it doesn't have that 'jena se qua' that you get with film.

      Absolutely, digital is like a packet cake mix, film is like nanna's home made cake....just something better about the end result if done right. Though I can't say I am about to toss my digital SLR in the bin either.

      I think you mean "Je ne sais quoi" which is French for wank factor. Throw a film filter on and fiddle the the frame rate in after effects and it will look exactly the same.

        nope they don't.. i've been shooting for 10+ years & there are big differences between the two.. Mostly it comes down to when you're doing very long exposures, all digital cameras suffer from hot sensor issues when exposing anything longer than 30 seconds, whereas a film can exposure forever without ever warming up.

        but digital wins in the high ISO department, that I have no doubt.

    Obviously Kodak didn't learn it's lesson when it almost went bankrupt over its reluctance to grasp digital cameras.

    Kodak.... film is over, didn't you learn that from going bankrupt?

    Yes, but they sold all their useful patents and are left with this. Next, they'll be selling matching in home film projectors.

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