Is Titanium Basically Bulletproof?

Is Titanium Basically Bulletproof?

Video: Titanium is strong, super light and has a cool name, but is it bulletproof? Demolition Ranch tries to puncture a hole in a 3cm thick titanium plate by shooting different calibre bullets and guns at it, and the results are pretty impressive. The titanium plate can withstand little pellet guns all the way up to huge arse armour piercing .50 cal black tip bullets. Titanium, very impressive.


    not against bullets but be interesting if a mail shirt could be made of titanium, what would it stand up to?
    Would it be similar to Mithril in Lord of the Rings?
    Would it stop a thrown spear?
    I think armour became redundant to longbows eventually.

    Looks like any human ark spaceships (discussed in another article referenced on Lifehacker/Gizmodo) should be made of titanium...

    the noise of him chambering a round on the barret .50 cal is so satisfying! i could listen to that sound alllll day.

    Would be interested to see the effect of a raufoss round against it. Also it is the more common anti material round in use

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