What Is The Most Powerful Weapon In Sci-Fi History?

What's the Most Powerful Weapon in Sci-Fi History?

Image Cache: What's the most powerful weapon in the sci-fi universe? How does a lightsaber in Star Wars compare to the energy sword of Halo? What about a Death Star vs Doctor Who's reality bomb? And how do they match up with a real life nuclear bomb? Browse through the cool photos, animations and diagrams in Gizmodo's Image Cache here.

Foundation Digital made this infographic for Fat Wallet detailing the top sci-fi weapons in history measured by their "energy of devastation in Joules".

The list includes all kind of weapons from all kinds of fictional worlds such as an ACME stick of dynamite, Mario's fireball, the Ghostbusters' proton pack, the Jaegar in Pacific Rim and the noisy cricket in Men in Black.

What's the Most Powerful Weapon in Sci-Fi History?


    I have some pretty serious doubts about some of the numbers on this list. The Little Doctor apparently harnesses energy roughly ten times the mass-energy of the entire Milky Way, for example, when the largest effect it's seen to have is the destruction of a single planet.

    The scaling of the graph is also pretty bizarre, with 4E84 being less than ten times as long as 252. As nearly as I can figure it's a log scale but the zero axis seems to be offset by a factor of 10e10 or so.

    Personally I would have liked to have seen some of E. E. `Doc' Smith's superweapons from his Lensman books here as well, as outlined in the TV Tropes "LensmanArmsRace" article. These more or less start with harnessing the entire power of the Sun and end with throwing around multiple superluminal antimatter planets.

    Doctor Who's "Reality Bomb" probably does belong at the top of the list, since it involves the total destruction of ALL universes; since in theory there may be infinite universes the energy harnessed by the device would eventually also be infinite.

    Ah well, trying to turn fiction into comparable facts is always tricky. Kudos to them for at least making the attempt.

      Gotta admit; they got Doctor Who's Reality bomb right. That wep is messed up.
      I think this list is heavily influenced on renown, creativity, and favoritism over power.

      Last edited 15/01/16 4:46 am

    Initially thought it was The Stig on there instead of Gort.

      Not quite sure which is more destructive...

      Some say he's a 8.5 metre robot from outer space, and that he'll bring us peace even if it kills us, all we know is he's called The Sti...err G.O.R.T

    I'm sorry, who "calculated" that Johnny 5's shoulder laser was equal a Jaeger?

      I was trying to work this out too. I can't remember him blowing up anything much bigger than a car in Short Circuit.

      Johnny 5's laser is powered by a nuclear reactor inside him, so we know it has a lot of grunt.
      In the opening demonstration in the movie we see them destroy tanks in a single shot after charging it.

      Seems fairly close to the power of a plasma blast a Jaeger unleashes on knifehead. Even if the laser blast is smaller in appearance.

    This is crap - really really crap

    I'm pretty sure that if it can see through Bender's 40% titanium, 40% zinc, 40% dolomite, 40% platinum, 40% chromium body (with a 0.04% nickel impurity), or painfully obliterate Fry's sperm, the F-Ray is probably putting out a bit more than <1 Joule.

    This only covers film and TV, there is nothing at all about weapons from books. Film & TV represents less than 1% of science fiction (and it is nowhere near the best 1% of it).

    No mention of the Vorlon planet killer or the Shadow's Deathweb? Why do so many people forget that Babylon 5 exists?

    Lightsaber > AT-AT?

    A short beam of plasma vs. a HEAVILY ARMED WALKING FORTRESS OF DEATH?

    AT-AT wins hands down

      A lightsaber can deflect the AT-AT's lasers and cut through it like a hot knife through butter.
      Although based on 'work done' the AT-AT probably tops it.

    Agreed for the Reality Bomb. That thing still creeps me out - and I can still hear Davros shouting. *shivers*

    None of them can compare to Gilgamesh's Ea.

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