How Whoopie Pies Are Made

How Whoopie Pies Are Made

Video: Whoopie pies are lovely and delightful because they're big arse freaking Oreos that are fluffy and moist and all sorts of yummy. They're sort of like a cake but also kind of like a cookie but yet for some reason, they're called a pie. However you want to describe it, you can't really go wrong with two chocolate cakes sandwiching a creamy frosting. This video shows you how they're made. It's a little bit unflattering because making the chocolate cake looks very much like tar being squeezed onto the baking sheet but hey, delicious doesn't have to be pretty.


    Dear 'Murica,

    Please stop referring to things like this (and pizzas for that matter) as "pies".


    The Rest of the World.

    Da F..k? Are these things actually being sold in Australia? Bloody hate US-centric stories. Plus, that's a buttload of sugar, right there.

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      We don't have to be able to buy them to appreciate how they're made. It's probably better for our health that they aren't too common here. (Though if you want to try them there are a ton of recipes online and a few rare places that sell them.)

        Unless you can buy them here and God I hope not, then the story is not relevant to us. As far as appreciating how there made, why? they are a typically oversized sugar infused, obesity trigger.

          Whilst usually I'd agree about the US centric articles, I'm a sucker for how they're made videos.

          What on earth is an obesity trigger?
          These products are inanimate objects. They cause nothing to occur.

          Also they are a cake. There is no geo-blocking on recipes. You may choose to make them in Australia if you wish.

    Whoopie pies? Umm they look like Macaron's to me, and I'm pretty sure the rest of the world calls them Macaron's too.

      Macarons are French and meringue-based. Whoopie pies are American and cake-based.

      Nothing like a macaron except similar shape. Whoopie pies are almost like tiny cakes.

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