How To Turn Off Facebook's 'On This Day' Feature

Are you sick of Facebook continuously showing you the follies of your youth — that terrible haircut you had two years ago, or that year when you decided that every status update needed to contain numerous exclaimation marks to show your enthusiasm for life. Maybe you just don't buy into the dubious nostalgic value of your own rather mundane personal history. Luckily, there's a simple way to turn this feature off.

Facebook allows you to block certain people and dates from appearing in your memories — in case you had a particularly bad year, or an ex whose face you don't want to see popping up in your news feed just because you went on a bad date a year ago. This function also allows you to block a period of time that could be as long as you've been active on Facebook, which you can set to end in 2017. Just go to the On This Day app page, click on 'preferences' and choose a really, really long chunk of time. Take that, manufactured nostalgia!

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