How Much Power Does It Take To Actually Blow Up A Planet?

How Much Power Does It Take to Actually Blow Up a Planet?

Video: Like, a lot of power. Scott Manley delves into the science of the planet destroying business and came up with the numbers that it would take to destroy a planet in Star Wars. To destroy an Earth-like planet which was like Alderaan, you'd need three trillion trillion trillion Joules of energy. There are five billion Joules of energy in a lightning bolt so yeah, you'd need a lot more energy. Watch the science below. It's so much more interesting than any other maths or science class I've ever taken.


    Totally wrong, all this is necessary is an Illudium Q Explosive Space Modulator.

      Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth-shattering kaboom!

    So... Anyone up for the kickstarter? We can build one and test it...proven/disproven mythbusters style.

    Obviously the giant dish creates a field and the lasers pack energy into the confined space of the field and then the projector pushes the energy packet into the planet core before the field unleashes the energy shattering the planet. That seems to be way less energy than the propsed three trillion yottajouls.

    Anyone who has seen The Force Awakens knows that all it takes is a messenger bag full of shiny grenades.

    you need to update and include his lay-mans version he did. How many twinkies does it take to power the death star.

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