How Supermarkets Are Cleverly Designed To Make You Spend More Money

How Grocery Stores Are Cleverly Designed to Make You Spend More Money

Video: We're all fools who get easily convinced by marketing and store design tricks because we can't save ourselves from ourselves. Here is a short video from Wendover Productions detailing some clever layout design tricks that supermarkets use to get us to spend more money. They include putting the entrance to the right because we like to shop counter clockwise, having items we need spread all across the perimeter of the store to make us walk more, putting cheap items at the end of every aisle and making sure profitable products are at eye level.


    I thought this was obvious, then again I have been working at my local supermarket for close on 3 years. There's way more thought that goes into this, but also not. For example, with clearance stock (say, a bunch of soft drink at the end of the aisle on sale) the way they are stacked is almost never a concern, it's just that it's there, "Build it high, watch it fly". But then we'll also have our freshly brought in flowers right at the front of the store, despite almost never selling any, that's to create a feeling of freshness. The magazines, almost solely to entertain customers when queue wait times become too long, hence why they're usually at the register. Even the bakery bread doesn't sell as much as you'd think, a lot is donated to shelters or sometimes just dumped at the end of the week, but it's good to have the smell of a bakery in the store.

    Yeah you could say this is all malicious capitalism at its finest and you'd be right, but when you know the tricks in use, you just see it.

    PS, when you're given the choice between a percentage off of a product, or a similar one going for 2 for X or 3 for X, the percentage off is usually better value. Most stores are required to show the unit cost when you apply a new price to an item (usually in dollars per litre, kilogram, etc.) like in a sale, but multi-item deals are not covered by that, so you have to work out the cost per unit for a fair comparison yourself.

    hate the way milk is at the furtherest point from the front door.

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