Here's The Crazy Wing Bending Airbus Does To Stress Test Its Aeroplanes

Video: You would never want to look out of your window on a flight and see the aeroplane wing bend like this but it's nice to know that Airbus stress tests the hell out of their flying tubes to make sure that even if the wing is at such an obscene angle, it won't snap in half.

It's really cool to see the process of pushing the Airbus A350 "to the brink" but I also love seeing the huge structure that houses the plane and all the cables involved in testing it.

Airbus writes:

Airbus' thorough programme of static ground testing -- including mechanical load and pressurisation evaluations -- proves the A350 XWB's structural limits before the aircraft can make its first flight.

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    Boeing's been doing the same thing for years. Nice to see Airbus is following them.

    Actually the first laboratory set up to do full scale fatigue testing (FSFT) was at Fisherman's Bend in Australia commencing 1939 with the first tests commencing in 1941 on Mosquito wings and airframes (initial Australian built Mosquito aircraft had glue issues).

    All Airbus aircraft ever designed have had FSFT before certification; this is obviously because Airbus as a company is much younger (even though it's constituent companies were much older).

    So neither Boeing nor Airbus adopted this type of testing ahead of the rest of the aeronautical world; they adopted it only after prompting from various national research organisations and air safety bodies. This type of testing is very expensive but also very important; xref Comet Mk1.

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