Here's A Lightning Bolt Striking And Destroying A Tree

Here's a Lightning Bolt Striking and Destroying a Tree

Video: Alternative headline: Tree takes a lightning strike and is somehow still standing? I don't know who the actual winner is here. The lightning bolt that struck the tree and ripped half of the trunk away while flooring all of its branches, or the tree that takes the bolt's best shot and hangs in there quite admirably? Whatever it is, I'm just glad the security cam caught the footage and not my actual eyeballs because the flying shards would have owned me.

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    The explosion is caused by the water in the tree rapidly expanding, or so I've heard, so there's no reason why the bolt should destroy the whole tree, just the parts that have the most water along the path that the current travels. - If there was more water at the base though the whole thing could fall if the hit happened there.

    and that dear children is why you never shelter under trees in a thunder storm.

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