Here Are The New Ghostbusters Figures

Here Are the New Ghostbusters Figures

After replying to a fan's tweet to assure her that all four female characters in the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot will be made it into action figures, last night Paul Feig, the film's director, revealed prototypes of Mattel's upcoming six-inch (15.24cm) line as proof.

The shots reveal nothing we haven't seen before, but given all the controversy with Rey being so poorly represented in Hasbro's Star Wars: The Force Awakens line, it's nice to know Mattel is ensuring all four female characters are going to be properly represented when the film hits theatres.

[Twitter - Paul Feig via Action Figure Insider]

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    Why make the ghostbusters female? did they think the female crowd would be more interested in ghostbusters then men? Or just that men would see it anyway and the women will NOW want to see it bcus they are female.

    Either way, fuck that. Im not paying to see it.

      Because it makes it different and fresh? Why make the same movie three times...

      Also, why would you care so much?

        It's a part of our childhood, of course we're going to care. Just like we cared when they put jar jar in star wars. I definately won't be seeing it and hope it flops big time. We've waited decades of the third installment of this franchise and they go and completely change the formula to something we don't even remotely recognise. How dumb.

          When the original team can't do it then why not try something new? I grew up loving Ghostbusters also but at this point it really doesn't bother me that they are taking a fresh approach. If it was 15 to 20 years ago I would have wondered why they couldn't just use the original cast but it's 2016.

          Jar Jar was just the tip of the iceberg for the problems with the star wars prequels. Having a very different cast and comedy style won't make it a crap movie, just as Jar Jar alone wouldn't have made the prequels bad movies, all the other terrible decisions had much larger impacts. I'd say the changes set for this movie are more akin to those made in The Force Awakens personally.

          For what it's worth, if you're interested in a third ghostbusters film you could try the video game. It's pretty good and was supposed to be the third in the series.

      Because dolls are more popular with girls and the movie doesn't have gadgets or spaceships - therefore creating a more saleable merchandising market for the movie company.
      Movies aren't about entertainment any more, just merchandising. I fear this trend will continue, as ticket sales decrease, movies will (and mostly have) become showcases for new toys/merchandise.

    I'm glad to see in this day and age not only do we have the token black but now we also have the token fat.

      And token females. Soon we'll also have the token gay, and token Muslim.

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