HBO To Resurrect Deadwood As Movie One-Off

It's been nine years since the final episode of Deadwood aired on HBO and it left so much unfinished. I never really took talk of a fourth season seriously — it's simply been too long — however, the US cable network recently confirmed that a movie is definitely on the cards to, hopefully, tie up loose ends.

Michael Lombardo, HBO's programming president, gave the news a certified truth stamp while speaking to TVLine's Michael Ausiello. David Milch, the show's creator is on board and Lombardo is confident Milch will be able to get the cast together again for the one-shot:

"David has our commitment that we are going to do it," says Lombardo. "He pitched what he thought generally the storyline would be — and knowing David, that could change. But it's going to happen." ... "The cast is unbelievably [tight]," [Lombardo] adds. "Some casts and creators form a bond that becomes relevant for the rest of their lives. This was a defining moment for a lot of them."

Nine years though... that's a fair chunk of time. As long as I get to see Ian McShane and Brad Dourif chewing the scenery again, I'll be happy.


Photo: HBO

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