Happy (Early) Australia Day From Deadpool

Video: We have a lot in common with Deadpool here in Australia, apparently. We both love excessive drinking, we're violent criminals, and we like to make fun of New Zealand. And our favourite foul-mouthed antihero has a special Australia Day message for us.

Oh, and we love hats with corks dangling off them. Deadpool is out in Australia on February 11. [YouTube]


    I am so looking forward to this movie! I love all the social media campaigns that they are doing with this move and the little tidbits of Videos etc.

    He sounds more like a New Zealander. Chuckled at him crying about his role in the Wolverine movie.

      haha I was thinking exactly the same thing. Really looking forward to this movie, hope it lives up to the promise of the trailers.

    made me lol.
    not ashamed to say i love ryan reynolds AND deadpool.

    I'm going on a date valentines night. Me and deadpool

      Hands off my heavily-scarred man, bitch. He already asked me!

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