GoPro Sales Drop, Staff Are Laid Off

With slumping sales, GoPro has just laid off 7 per cent of its staff and shares are down by 24 per cent. Is the action cam genre too niche to keep the company alive?

“Fourth quarter revenue reflects lower than anticipated sales of its capture devices due to slower than expected sell through at retailers, particularly in the first half of the quarter,” GoPro said in a statement.

Lukewarm reception to the Hero4 model hasn't helped. Prices were cut shortly after release due to lower than expected sales.

At this year's CES, there didn't seem to be anything new on offer from GoPro.

Concerns are being raised that GoPro's reach outside of the extreme sports community isn't enough to sustain it into the future, and a more mainstream approach may need to be taken to turn things around.

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    they're just too bloody expensive mate

      Agreed, when you can get a knock off that's 80% the quality for 20% of the price, it's a no brainer.

      Heaps of companies are moving into this space, so long gone are the ridiculous $600 price tag on action cameras.

        If the hero 4 session was half the price, I'd buy one in a heartbeat.

          Yep, good gear... just at astronomical prices.

      This is the number one reason I have never bought one. I'm the sorta guy that loves to buy gadgets, use them once and they are relegated to a plastic storage tub in the shed. But I'm not forking out that much cash for a bloody Go Pro that will likely only ever see action of my cats.

    It's not a matter of "too niche". It's not worth the price. $500? I picked up another brand for $200 that fits all the GoPro attachments, and has better quality.

      Which one?


          sony action cam has image stability and comes with a waterproof case: 250$ last I've checked.

            Yah. Doesn't fit go pro accessories though. So he likely got a better-than-shit-quality knock off.

    plus most people that want one, now have one... mine still does the job and I won't be needing to upgrade anytime soon... suspect this is the same for most people. I am still buying accessories/mounts, but there are not all genuine GoPro.

      Yup exactly that for me too. I have my Hero3 and still use it frequently. Sure I don't have the fancy night shooting time lapse thing the 4 has, but I've never needed it before.

    Captain Obvious here. Traditional camera companies hadn't strongly targeted the action cam market, GoPro took the initiative and became the go to brand. Embarrassingly traditional camera companies have struggled to exceed GoPros formula. GoPro has saturated the market, many people don't need the latest and greatest GoPro because their video editing software, disc space or youtube delivery would struggle with larger files and their current action cam works fine. Unlike the traditional camera companies GoPro has all its eggs in the one basket and needs to invent a new benchmark for action footage and convince everyone their videos are crap without it, 3D or 360" would be my best guess. Binaural audio (or better still 360" surround sound) may also be another immersive 'must have' to support 360" action videos.

    People have realised that they don't do anything interesting enough to warrant buying this brand anymore. The whole #GoProVideo thing is pretty shit. Really, no one gives a toss what you recorded your footage on, especially if it is shit.

    With slumping sales, GoPro has just laid of 7 per cent of its staff
    Does this mean 7% of staff got laid?

    Market has become more saturated, coolness has worn off

      Exactly. Every camera manufacturer has their own action cam, a lot of choice for every budget.

      No reason to go up to their expensive models as 4K penetration is minimal, people are sticking to their 3s.

    In related news: I love my SJCam M10+ Cheaper than a GoPro Session, come with a built-in gyro, LCD screen, removable battery and Waterproof case...

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