Goodbye, Internet Explorer


    Why goodbye? Internet Explorer 11 is still supported by MS. I don't use it personally but plenty of enterprise users do, which is why MS can't dump it.

      They keyword there is enterprise. Enterprise users pay for the support and updates they need if required. You'll find that the end of support is for personal users only. The other point you clearly didn't read is that it is the end of support for 8,9,10 but not 11... yet.

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        He's referring to the headline. It's not 'Goodbye Internet Explorer' because Internet Explorer isn't going anywhere yet.

      Microsoft has changed its support lifecycle for Internet Explorer so only the latest version is supported now. That also applies to enterprise customers by default. While paid support options may be available, the standard policy for enterprise is as follows:

      As some commercial customers have standardized on earlier versions of Internet Explorer, Microsoft is introducing new features and resources to help customers upgrade and stay current on the latest browser. For example, Enterprise Mode enables the use of legacy web apps with Internet Explorer 11. For guidance and upgrade resources, please visit TechNet.

      In other words, the intention is to ensure everyone is on IE11, but to provide enterprise mode features in IE11 to support older webapps that require older versions of IE.

    It isn't goodbye, most of the clients my company develops for still require IE8+.

    IE 9 for Vista/Server 2008 and IE 10 for Server 2012 will still be supported for the life of the OS.
    These are the highest versions of IE these OS' can run and will continue to be patched (security fixes) as they haven't reached their EOL yet.

    IE 8, 9 and 10 will no longer be supported for all other Windows releases.

    Windows 10 will see security patches for IE 11 until it's EOL, ending 2023.

    The crux of it, Internet Explorer will still be around for some time.

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    Well, I'd advise people not to use Edge. I use it every day on a Surface for work. It is a terrible browser that is functionally worse than Internet Explorer.

    Internet explorer has been deprecated though, it will be fully supported but 11 will be the last version and it's highly likely that it won't be upgraded further to comply with evolving web standards in the future, meaning we will be back to web developers having to add special hacks to their website again until the adoption rate drops so low they give up.

    IE may not be gone, but its end is in sight now.

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